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Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance Discounts

Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance Company offers special discounts for drivers who qualify. Many of the discounts overlap, and drivers can qualify for more than one discount on a standard insurance policy.

Safety Equipment Discounts

The safer your car is for you and your passengers, the less you will spend on your car insurance. You can receive a discount if your car is equipped with anti-lock brakes, daytime running lights, or airbags. Automatic seatbelts could also help you qualify for this discount. If you have taken steps to protect your car from theft or vandalism, you may qualify for another discount. Installing a vehicle tracking system that will help recover a stolen vehicle could earn you a discount through Unitrin. Equipping your vehicle with a device to help prevent theft in the first place can also save you money.

Distant Student Discount

This discount applies to Unitrin customers who are the parents of children age 23 or younger who are licensed drivers and are attending schools away from home. There are specific requirements to qualify for this discount, including how far the school is from home and how often the child has access to the vehicle. The discount applies when the child will have very little chance to drive the vehicle during the year because he or she lives too far away from home to borrow the car comfortably.

Discounts for Driving Classes

Attending certified defensive driving classes could earn you a discount through Unitrin in some states. You could also earn a discount for completing a specified accident prevention course. Unitrin must approve these courses in order to qualify for the discount, so make sure you discuss the class with your Unitrin agent before you begin attending. Drivers age 55 and older can earn a discount for completing specific mature driving classes or driving improvement classes. These discounts vary depending on each state's insurance regulations, so it is a good idea to speak with a Unitrin agent to see what the options are in your state.

Online Customer Discounts

Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance can work with customers exclusively online. It offers drivers a special discount for taking advantage of the digital option by signing their paperwork with a digital signature. The drivers must also enroll in the EasyPay online payment program to qualify for this discount. Working through the online service saves the insurance company administrative costs and makes transactions move faster and more easily. This savings is passed along to customers who are willing to perform their business with the company through their website rather than in person.

Multiple Policy Discounts

You can earn discounts through Unitrin by insuring more than one vehicle through the same policy. You can also earn a discount if you choose to insure your home and your vehicle through Unitrin at the same time. To take advantage of the multiple policy discount, individuals who live in the same residence must own all covered vehicles. Covered individuals must also be related either by blood or by marriage in order to qualify. Along with the multiple policy discount for using Unitrin for both your car and your home, you may qualify for the special homeowner's discount because you own your home.

Paying in Full and Loyalty Discounts

Unitrin offers a discount for drivers who choose to pay their entire year's premiums at once rather than spreading the payments out over the year. Single payments cut down on the administrative costs because there is no need for the insurance company to send out bills during the coverage period. It also makes sure you are covered in full at all times. Customers who choose to renew their Unitrin policies at the end of the year can qualify for a loyalty discount if their coverage does not lapse during the year.

Discounts for Safe Drivers

Having a good driving record helps with your insurance rates from the beginning. Unitrin also offers some specific discounts for drivers who have clean records. If you agree to sign a pledge that you will be a focused driver, you will earn a one-time discount. Drivers with multiple policyholders on the same policy can earn a discount if all of the drivers on the policy have managed to maintain clean driving records for 12 to 36 consecutive months and the policy has not lapsed for more than 30 days during that time.