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Unitrin Car Insurance Discounts Programs

Unitrin offers a wide range of discounts for drivers who qualify. You can receive a discount just for being 65 or older. Drivers under 18 have a variety of discount options. Talk to your Unitrin representative to find out how many discounts they can offer you.

Install Safety Equipment

You can earn separate discounts through Unitrin for installing many different kinds of safety equipment on your car. The insurance company offers discounts for customers who install anti-lock brakes, driver and passenger air bags, and daytime running lights. All of these features increase the safety of everyone inside the car if you are ever involved in an accident. The daytime running lights can help you be more visible on the road, which could lead to fewer accidents. You may also qualify for a discount if your car is equipped with passive restraint systems, like automatic seat belts.

Anti-Theft Improvements

Protecting your car from theft could also save you money on your car insurance through Unitrin. Installing any device that deters theft can reduce your car's risk of being stolen or vandalized. A simple steering wheel lock could make a thief track down an easier car to steal. Electronic alarms notify everyone in the area if anything touches your car while locked. All of these measures put you at a lower risk for filing a claim on your insurance policy, which is why you would qualify for a discount.

Out of Area Students

College and high school students who are licensed drivers and live away from home could qualify for a discount through Unitrin. The student must be less than 23 years old and have limited access to your vehicle. There may be some limitations on the discount depending on how far away the school is from your home. The amount of driving that the student does in any car will also affect the amount of discount you could receive. Speak to your Unitrin agent for more details on how you can qualify for an out of area student discount.

Students who are 25 years old or younger and maintain a B average at school are eligible for an insurance discount. These students must also have clean driving records in order to qualify for the discount.

Driving Schools and Focused Pledge

Drivers who successfully complete safe driver courses or defensive driver courses approved through Unitrin will qualify for a discount on their policies. Mature drivers can earn a special discount by completing a driver improvement course. Additional discounts go to drivers who agree to sign a pledge that they will focus entirely on their driving while they are behind the wheel.

Discounts for Minors who Drive

Unitrin offers several different discounts for licensed minors. Aside from the good student discount, drivers under the age of 18 could qualify for a discount simply by being listed on the policy of an older licensed driver who has held an active insurance policy through Unitrin for 24 consecutive months. Minors can also receive discounts as occasional drivers if they do not own a car and do not drive the family car regularly. Drivers must have less than 3 years of driving experience to qualify for the occasional driver discount. Occasional drivers cannot operate any vehicle more than 50% of the time.

Safe Driver History

If you carried insurance with Unitrin for 30 consecutive months and no one on the policy has been involved in an accident or received a moving violation for 12 to 36 months, you qualify for a responsible driver discount. When you renew your policy for the first time without allowing a lapse in coverage, you will receive a special loyalty discount. The good driver discount varies depending on the regulations in your state. Speak with a local Unitrin car insurance agent to learn more details about your good driver discount options.

GPS Tracking Technology

Vehicles that are equipped with approved GPS tracking systems are eligible for discounts with Unitrin car insurance. The vehicles must have electronic devices that alert authorities of their location in case of theft. Speak with your local Unitrin insurance agent to find out which devices qualify under this discount. Most GPS systems provide the appropriate signal so that authorities can track and recover a stolen car more quickly. Faster recovery time leads to less damage to the car and a higher stolen vehicle recovery rate in general. Both of these positive results make it possible for customers to receive a discount.