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United Fire Group Car Insurance Discounts

United Fire Group Car Insurance offers excellent rates for drivers and family members who manage to keep their driving records clean. You will also pay less for your car insurance if you take steps to make sure your vehicle and passengers are safer in the case of an accident. Reducing your risk of injuries or damage during a collision is a good way to ensure that you will enjoy lower car insurance rates through United Fire Group Car Insurance. Talk with a local agent to learn more about the discounts offered in your area.

Driving History Discounts

With United Fire Group, you and your family can control how much you pay for car insurance because your rates are based on your specific driving record. The longer you go without filing a claim for any reason, the lower your insurance rates will be. Everyone who is listed on your policy can impact the cost of your premiums based on their driving record. Drivers who avoid accidents or traffic tickets for a specific period of time can take advantage of the best discounts offered through United Fire Group.

Smart Drivers Save More

In general, those who have cleaner driving records will pay less for their car insurance. Every year that goes by without an insurance claim builds toward your reputation as a low risk driver. Insurance companies offer better rates to low risk drivers because these drivers file fewer claims and are less expensive for the insurance company to cover. United Fire Group has designed their driver discounts to specifically coincide with the number of accidents or traffic tickets reported by each driver in a given year. Simply stated, if you drive safely you will pay less for your car insurance through United Fire Group.

Safety Equipment

If you do need to file a claim, you can minimize your damages by making sure that your car is equipped with updated safety equipment. Driver, passenger, and side air bags will reduce the severity of injuries in the car during a collision. Anti-lock brakes could help you avoid an accident altogether because they allow you to stop quickly without losing control of the car. Installing factory safety equipment will help you avoid accidents, which helps you avoid filing a claim with your insurance company. Since you earn a special discount for driving for a certain period of time without an accident, the safety equipment you install contributes to your odds of receiving a safety discount.

Anti-Theft Equipment

Just like updated safety equipment can protect you from injuries or damage during a collision, anti-theft equipment will help keep your car safe from theft and vandalism. Even a simple steering wheel lock could make a thief think twice about trying to break into your car. More advanced equipment, like electronic alarms or tracking systems, can help you recover your car more quickly if someone does try to steal it. Your car's safety has a direct relation to how much you pay for car insurance. Never having to file a theft or vandalism claim will help keep your rates lower, especially if you qualify for the good driver discount through United Fire Group.

Discounts Vary Based on Location

United Fire Group Car Insurance operates through several independent agents across the country. Each state that United Fire Group works in has different insurance regulations and allows insurance companies to offer different discount packages. The discounts that are available through United Fire Group can change depending on which state you live in. Your United Fire Group agent can tell you exactly which discounts are available in your area, and they can help you figure out which discounts you would qualify for.