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Union Mutual Car Insurance Discounts

Union Mutual Car Insurance offers several types of discounts for drivers who qualify. Not all of the discounts are based on your driving record, though. You can earn some discounts simply by signing up for more than one policy or insuring more than one vehicle through the same policy. Talk with your Union Mutual agent for more details.

Deductible Credits

If you choose a policy with a higher deductible, your regular premiums will be less expensive. Union Mutual offers deductibles as high as $2,500 for most standard policies. Remember, when you are selecting your deductible you should pick one that you could afford to pay out of pocket if you need to file any claims. It is possible to save money through the deductible credits program as long as your deductible fits your budget in a realistic manner.

Company Car Discount

Drivers who own a vehicle and have a full-time company car are eligible for this discount. The discount applies because the driver is expected to drive his or her personal vehicle less often due to access to the company car for work-related driving. The discount is only available if the company car that you are driving is not owned by you. The company car must be insured through the company that owns it. Your insurance costs will drop because your personal car will travel fewer miles than if you were a regular commuter.

Multiple Vehicle Discount

If you live in a household that owns more than one vehicle, you could qualify for this discount by insuring all of your family's vehicles with Union Mutual. All of the insured cars must be owned by individuals who live in the same home full-time. Qualified drivers must also be related by marriage or by blood. Many people take advantage of this discount when their children become old enough to drive or when each spouse owns and drives a separate car. The personal driving record of each insured individual will play a part in determining the final cost of the car insurance.

Safety Equipment Discount

Union Mutual offers a special discount for car owners who equip their cars with specific manufacturer safety equipment upgrades. You could save money on your car insurance if you install an anti-theft device to protect your car against being stolen or vandalized. You could also earn a discount for owning a vehicle that is equipped with anti-lock brakes or passive restraint systems. Passive restraints include automatic seat belts and air bags. The safer your car is for the people riding in it, the less likely anyone will suffer severe injuries during an accident.

Driver's Education Credit

Younger drivers who are eligible for this discount can save on their car insurance if they successfully complete an approved driver's education program. Formal driver training is a good way to gain a comprehensive understanding of the traffic laws in your state. It also helps you learn how to anticipate potential problems and avoid them whenever possible. Most people who have completed driver's education have a lower rate of traffic accidents, which makes them a better risk for car insurance companies to cover. Driver's education is useful at any age, no matter what a driver's experience level is.

Discount for Students Away at School

College students who are attending schools away from their home cities can earn a discount on their car insurance while they are away at school. The student must attend a school that is at least 100 miles from their home, and they must not drive a vehicle while they are at school. You can reduce your insurance rates dramatically if you leave your car at home instead of driving it to school with you. Since you are not driving for an average of 9 months per year, your risk for filing an insurance claim is close to non-existent during the school year.

Home and Auto Discount

Union Mutual sells home insurance as well as auto insurance. If you choose to purchase both types of insurance through Union Mutual, you can earn a special discount on your car insurance rates. Purchasing all of your insurance through the same company can also save you time and help simplify your insurance transactions since you will be corresponding through the same office for your home and your auto insurance needs. As a homeowner, you are seen as a lower risk auto insurance customer because home ownership implies a higher level of responsibility than renting.