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Titan Car Insurance Discounts

Titan Car Insurance company is devoted to providing affordable car insurance for people who may not be able to find coverage from a standard insurance company. Most of Titan's customers need non-standard insurance policies that are not available through other large insurance carriers. Titan provides car insurance coverage for drivers who have had problems with accidents, traffic tickets, age, or other factors that can make it impossible to find reasonably priced insurance policies. Titan is a financially stable insurance company that allows its customers to create flexible payment plans that fit their budgets so that they can continue to drive legally. Titan became a part of Nationwide National Insurance in 2003, which allowed it to widen its provider network to more states across the nation.

Affordable High Risk Insurance

The majority of the policies that are offered by Titan provide the legal minimum for liability and personal injury depending on the state. Since each state has different minimum requirements, the Titan policies vary depending on where you live. Because of its focus on non-standard policies, Titan can offer more competitive rates for high risk drivers than other insurance companies can offer. In some states, high risk drivers can purchase supplemental insurance to cover physical damage, but these rates are generally not as competitive as the liability and personal injury rates. Titan's lower rates only apply to the insurance coverage that is legally mandated by the state.

Immediate Coverage

When you sign up for car insurance through Titan, you will receive immediate coverage. High risk drivers who have experienced a lapse in insurance coverage for any reason can produce proof of insurance immediately after they sign the paperwork with Titan. This allows drivers to register their vehicles or begin driving right away, no matter why they are considered high risk drivers. Immediate coverage provides the fastest option for insuring your car and complying with legal state requirements. Quick proof of coverage can be priceless if you have been trying to find car insurance for an extended period of time.

Flexible Payment Plans

Sometimes a high risk customer has a difficult time finding car insurance because he or she needs a policy that allows a more flexible payment system. Titan can tailor your payments to fit your budget, regardless of your financial obligations. Titan provides affordable rates for people who have been through financial difficulty that caused their credit ratings to be lower than a standard insurance company would prefer. You can also purchase Titan insurance coverage with a lower down payment than other insurance companies typically charge. Titan accepts payments through bank accounts, through debit cards, or through valid credit cards.

Bilingual Customer Service

Drivers who have trouble procuring car insurance through standard insurance companies because of a language barrier will feel comfortable working with Titan. Customer service is available in English and in Spanish so that a wider number of drivers can receive the insurance coverage that is required by law. Titan agents can help you understand your car insurance obligations if you have had trouble with an accident or received a traffic ticket that you do not understand. Bilingual services are available at no additional charge through each Titan location and online at the Titan website.

Discounts for Safe Drivers

Titan does offer some discounts for drivers who have been able to maintain a clean driving record for three consecutive years or more. If you are a Titan customer for more than three years and have not needed to file any insurance claims during that time, you may be eligible for the safe driver discount. Not all Titan customers will qualify for this discount, however. High risk drivers who were convicted of a DUI or other severe moving violations may need to remain accident and ticket free for a longer period of time before they can take advantage of discounts through Titan.

Commercial Coverage Options

Private drivers are not the only ones who experience problems with their driving records. Some commercial drivers also need high risk insurance options. Titan offers several options for commercial drivers as well as private individuals. Titan commercial insurance is tailored specifically for commercial fleets that are traditionally difficult to insure through standard policies. This coverage offers a unique range of risks that are not available elsewhere. There is no weight restriction to qualify for Titan commercial car insurance coverage. You can receive a Combined Single Limit liability policy that protects your commercial vehicles for up to $1,000,000 in Michigan, California, Indiana, Florida and Texas.