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The General Auto Insurance Discounts

The General is an auto insurance company that specializes in offering insurance to drivers who may find it difficult to find insurance with traditional car insurance companies. Their policies provide a more affordable alternative for high-risk drivers.

Focus on High Risk Drivers

High-risk drivers include those who have been involved in several accidents and those who have received multiple traffic citations. Drivers charged with a DUI can have a very difficult time finding affordable car insurance. Some drivers receive high-risk status because they drive rare or highly expensive vehicles that would be difficult to repair or replace under a traditional cookie cutter insurance policy. The General is equipped to handle the accounts of anyone who cannot find affordable coverage through a traditional company.

Help with Filing Suspension Paperwork

Since many of the high-risk drivers that The General works with are dealing with suspensions or other problems that require them to file an SR-22 form, The General is uniquely prepared to help those drivers successfully submit their paperwork. Drivers who have had their licenses suspended or revoked will need to submit one of these forms so that they can receive their licenses once more. The General will help you fill out the form and work through the process of successfully submitting the form so that you can legally drive again.

Lump Sum Payment Discount

Unlike many high-risk insurance companies, The General provides additional discounts as well as affordable high-risk rates. Any driver who is able to pay for their insurance on an annual basis will receive a discount on their overall premiums. When the insurance company needs to send out monthly bills, it costs them time and administrative overhead. If you pay off your entire year in one lump sum, you will not have to pay for the additional costs of monthly billing. It can be difficult to put together a full year's payment sometimes, but in the end, it will save you money.

Select Driver Discount

This discount is available to customers who have more than one legal driver listed on their insurance policy with The General. Each driver who is on the policy must have at least five years of driving experience in order to qualify for this discount. The drivers also need to have a clean driving record for at least two consecutive years, which means they have avoided accidents and traffic citations for that amount of time. Drivers must also hold a certificate proving that they have passed an accident prevention course that approved by The General. All of the drivers listed on the account must meet all of these qualifications in order to receive the discount.

Deductible Doubling Discount

When you first sign up for your car insurance through The General, you can take advantage of a discount right away. The double deductible discount is available to drivers who are willing to double their deductible on their collision and comprehensive policies during the first 45 days of coverage. Since carrying a higher deductible is a good way to decrease your overall insurance costs, you might consider maintaining the doubled deductible rate for the duration of your coverage period. The discount only stipulates that you double the deductible for 45 days.

Multiple Car Discount

The General offers a multiple car discount for customers who choose to insure more than one vehicle. For additional vehicles insured on the same policy, drivers must live in the same residence. This discount is ideal for a family with spouses who drive separate cars, or an adolescent and adult living in the same home who have their own separate vehicles. Qualified drivers must be related either by blood or by marriage in order to receive this discount.

Specific Drivers Discount

You could earn a discount through The General Auto Insurance Company by restricting the people you allow to drive your car. If you list certain drivers on your application and these are the only drivers who will drive the car, you could receive a discount on your premium. Reducing the number of drivers reduces the possibility of someone who is at a higher risk level having an accident in your car. The insurance company can base your rates on the driving record of the drivers listed on the application without figuring in any additional costs based on unknown drivers who might have otherwise been a possibility.