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If you choose to use our site, you are accepting our terms of service and everything that is laid out here in this online document. If you are not willing to abide by these terms, you do not have to use this site or our service.

At Car Insurance Quotes Comparison (CIQC) we provide a service that matches customers with insurance companies that are part of our network of providers. If you choose to use our free service, you will be required to submit personally identifiable information such as: name, phone number, email address, address, social security number, drivers license as well as job, banking and employment information. CIQC does not utilize your information for any purpose other than to electronically submit your information to our network of insurance providers.

Our primary service consists of providing a form for capturing your information which is then passed on to our network of insurance providers. Car Insurance Quotes Comparison does not directly provide insurance quotes. CIQC is not involved in credit decisions, evaluating driving records or determining the overall suitability of your online application for car insurance. In addition we will never make guarantees for prices, rates, fee or any terms that might be available from an external insurance provider. Only the 3rd party insurance companies that we deal with can give you a quote for your auto insurance. If you submit a form with your information, you consent to be contacted by one or many of these 3rd party insurance companies.

Upon the completion of our online form, you may be redirected to a 3rd party insurance provider. During this process, you may end up on an insurance company's web site and you will no longer be on When that happens your actions will be governed by the terms of service and privacy policy of that particular insurance provider.

If the site is not working or displaying errors of any kind, we are not responsible for service delays that are beyond our control. If you are in the middle of completing a form and something happens to prevent you from finishing it, we are not guaranteeing 100% reliability of our services and recommend you try back at a later time.