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State Auto Car Insurance Discount Programs

State Auto car insurance offers discounts for drivers who qualify in a number of different areas. The majority of the benefits are for individuals and households who behave in ways that put them at a lower risk for auto accidents. A driver with a good record who properly maintains his or her car can expect to pay less for insurance through State Auto on a regular basis. There are several different kinds of discounts that apply for drivers who qualify.

Multiple Drivers in a Single Household

You can receive a discount if you have more than one vehicle in your household that is registered for insurance through State Auto. Combining all of your cars into one insurance policy means less paperwork for you and for the insurance agency, which means that everyone who is on the multiple driver policy will experience a discount. The insured household cars do not all have to belong to one person in order to qualify for discounted rates. They simply need to show your address as their main place of residence to earn multiple driver discounts. The more household drivers that are combined on one policy, the better your car insurance savings will be.

Academic Achievement Discounts

Adolescents carry some of the most expensive insurance rates in general. You can reduce those rates substantially if your adolescent has a consistently good grade average. State Auto will offer a discount to the family of a student who carries a B average or better throughout high school. When a student displays the discipline necessary to maintain good grades, the insurance company can feel more confident about that student's responsibility level behind the wheel. Your adolescent does not need to own a car or carry his or her own policy in order to qualify for academic achievement discounts. You can experience reduced rates if the adolescent lives in your home and is old enough to have a driver's license.

Discounts for Completion of Driving Courses

Certified driving classes provide you with the skills necessary to drive more safely. State Auto car insurance can offer reduced rates to anyone who can prove that he or she has successfully completed a certified driving class. Classes can concentrate on defensive driving techniques, or just be general driving skills classes in order to qualify for reduced rates through State Auto. Even the most experienced and careful driver can benefit from attending a driving class at some point. The classes are filled with tips and techniques that will help good drivers avoid being in a collision with drivers who are not as careful. Most safe driving methods involve avoiding reckless drivers.

Low Mileage Discounts

The less you drive your car, the less you are likely to be involved in an accident. State Auto recognizes that drivers who are behind the wheel less often are at a lower risk for making insurance claims, so they offer better rates to these drivers. Drivers who do not travel long distances on a daily basis will also experience better performance from their vehicles for a longer period of time, which reduces the possibility of a car insurance company needing to pay for maintenance repairs as often. Taking advantage of alternative travel methods, such as buses or trains, will save you money on auto upkeep and auto insurance.

Combined Policy Packages

State Auto offers insurance for homes and life, as well as automobiles. When you choose to combine your other insurance needs into the same package as your car insurance, you will save money on your premiums for all of the insurance you purchase. State Auto offers special packages with reduced rates for customers who are interested in using State Auto for all of their insurance needs. You can mix and match the types of coverage you are most interested, or choose to use State Auto for all of your insurance options.

Maintaining a Good Driving History

Of course, the best way to save money on car insurance is through maintaining an excellent driving record. If you can avoid accidents and traffic tickets, you will automatically pay less for your car insurance through State Auto. Drivers who have a clean driving record for 3 years or more experience the lowest auto insurance rates in general. Other factors can cause your insurance rates to fluctuate, but overall a good driving record is the most powerful way to keep your car insurance rates down over the long run. Safe driving provides peace of mind, as well as lower insurance rates.