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Sentry Car Insurance Discounts

Drivers can qualify for several different kinds of discounts through Sentry Car Insurance. Check with your Sentry agent to see which discounts you can use to keep your insurance rates lower.

Paid in Full Discount

Anyone who is willing to pay off their car insurance premiums once a year instead of in monthly installments will immediately experience savings through Sentry. Making one lump sum payment ensures that you will remain covered throughout the year. There is no danger of a coverage lapse from a late payment, and you won't have to take any further action to be confident that your coverage is always current at any time. Paying your policy off in full is easier for the insurance company because it eliminates the need to send out bills during the year.

Safe Driver Discount

If you have a safe driving record, you can expect to pay less for your car insurance no matter which company you choose. Sentry offers an additional incentive for safe drivers through a special discount. Anyone who has gone for a certain amount of time without filing a claim through a car insurance company could qualify for this special discount. A safe driver discount provides an extra level of savings because it is applied on top of the good rates that a safe driver would receive because they are in a lower risk category than drivers without good driving records.

Anti-Theft Equipment

Protecting your car with additional anti-theft equipment can mean saving money on Sentry auto insurance. Thieves are always looking for the easiest car to break into. When you add anti-theft devices to your car, a car thief will be more likely to skip your car when they are looking for something to steal. When you protect your car from theft, you help reduce the chances that you will have to file a claim for repairs or replacement with your insurance company. Your sentry agent can give you the details about what kind of anti-theft devices help you qualify for this discount.

Academic Excellence Discount

Research shows that students who are able to maintain a good grade point average tend to be safer drivers. Based on that research, Sentry offers a special discount for good students. Anyone enrolled full time in high school or college, under age 25, and has at least a 3.0 grade point average should qualify for this discount. Earning a discount for good grades can help reduce the high costs of carrying car insurance for an adolescent or a young adult. Drivers under age 25 tend to pay the highest rates for car insurance.

Multiple Vehicle Discount

Sentry offers a special discount for anyone who insures more than one vehicle at the same time. If you live in a household that owns two or more vehicles, each automobile owner could benefit from this type of discount. The multiple vehicle discount comes in handy particularly for families with children or spouses who own separate vehicles. Each individual owner's driving history and other demographics will play a part in the overall cost of car insurance, but the multiple vehicle discount can help keep the overall costs down for everyone in the home who drives a separate car.

Discounts for Driver Training Completion

You can earn a discount on your Sentry car insurance by successfully completing an approved driver- training course. Driver training courses introduce comprehensive information about many different kinds of driving situations that will help you learn how to avoid an accident. The skills you will learn through a formal training session might be new to you, or they might be a good refresher for the skills you already possessed. Devoting time and energy toward developing good driving habits will help you avoid accidents, which will help you keep your insurance costs down in the long run. Your Sentry agent can help you find a course that qualifies for this discount.

Continuous Coverage Discount

Drivers who stick with Sentry for continuous coverage can also receive a discount on their insurance. The loyalty discount applies to drivers who maintain their policies for a specific number of years with Sentry. Lapses in coverage or late payments could disqualify you for this discount. Each time you renew your policy, you could be able to take advantage of this special discount because you did not transfer your car insurance coverage to another company. Discount details can differ, so speak with your agent to find out when you can expect to receive this type of rate reduction.