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SafeCo Car Insurance Discount Programs

SafeCo Car Insurance company offers several different kinds of discounts for customers who qualify. You can earn a discount for being a good student, making your car safer, or attending a course on accident avoidance. Many of the discounts are not specific to age or gender and can be taken advantage of by almost any car insurance customer. When you take steps to reduce your risk of being involved in an accident, you will be rewarded by lower insurance rates.

Learn Safe Driving Techniques

Accident prevention courses are available through SafeCo Car Insurance companies. Anyone who completes a course will be eligible for discounts on their car insurance rates. These courses will teach students how to drive defensively so they can better avoid being involved in an accident with another driver who does not follow safe driving practices. You can benefit from a safe driving course no matter how well you drive because the course will teach you specific tactics for accident avoidance. You cannot control the driving habits of other drivers, but you can be better prepared for unexpected behavior on the roads.

Discounts for Good Grades

Students who consistently achieve high grade point averages can take advantage of SafeCo Car Insurance discounts for good grades. The parents of good students can also benefit from car insurance discounts based on an excellent grade point average. To qualify for the discounts, a student must maintain at least a B average each semester that the car is insured. It is possible to lose the discount for a semester but regain it after a new semester when the student's grades have come back up to the required standard.

Reduced Rates When Paid in Full

SafeCo Car Insurance offers discounts for customers who are willing to pay the full premium charges once a year instead of spreading the payments out on a month to month basis. When you lump the payments all together, you will pay less each year. It may seem like a large payment to make all at once, but the savings will make it easier to keep your car covered. You will also be free from worrying about trying to remember to make the car insurance payment each month. Lump sum payments benefit the customer and the car insurance company because of their convenience.

Theft Deterrents Reduce Premiums

Customers who are willing to take steps to reduce the possibility of car theft can also expect an insurance discount through SafeCo. The type of theft protection you put on your car will impact the amount of the discount you receive. Audible car alarm systems that are connected to a service will earn you the highest discount, because they are the best protection against theft. Even if you choose to put a theft deterrent device on your steering wheel, though, you will still be able to qualify for insurance rate discounts. Any sort of device that makes your car less desirable to thieves can save you money on insurance rates.

Insuring Multiple Vehicles

SafeCo offers discounts to customers who insure more than one household vehicle on the same policy. The paperwork reduction alone makes it easier to afford a multiple vehicle insurance policy. The cars do not all need to be owned by members of the family, they just need to be owned by people who share the same address. When more than one car is insured by SafeCo Car Insurance, the savings are available to each car owner who is part of the multiple vehicle policy. Everyone has a chance to take advantage of the discounts at the same time.

Kern Schools Credit Union Member Discount

SafeCo has recently announced a discount of 3% for customers who are also members of the Kern Schools Credit Union. Members are eligible for umbrella insurance coverage discounts when they purchase two or more types of insurance through Safeco. Members can also take advantage of replacement and repair coverage for vehicles that are involved in damaging collisions. Repair and replacement coverage is only available through endorsement, so it is important to mention an interest in this aspect of coverage when you speak with a SafeCo representative. There is also a discount for customers who agree to only use original factory parts during regular maintenance of their vehicles. SafeCo also offers full death indemnity or total disability coverage for the insured driver or that driver's spouse. These discounts are available to new members of the credit union as well as members who renew their memberships annually.