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Progressive Car Insurance Discount Programs

Progressive Car Insurance offers discounts for drivers who qualify in a number of areas. From low mileage discounts, to the unique Snapshot program, there are several ways a driver can save money with Progressive Insurance.

Earn Accident Forgiveness

Any driver who has been a Progressive customer for four consecutive years can qualify for accident forgiveness, if they complete three years without an accident. Accident forgiveness means your car insurance rates will not increase if you are involved in an accident after three years without a claim.

You will receive any payouts that are necessary from an accident, even if you are found at fault. The accident will not be counted against you by Progressive, which means your policy will not be changed in any way unless you are involved in a second collision.

Discount for Paying in Full

Progressive Car Insurance also offers a discount for drivers who choose to pay their policy premium in a lump sum once every year. You can set up payment plans so you pay your premium a little at a time every month, but paying the policy off at once will earn you a substantial discount. Monthly payments include processing fees that are not included on an annual premium payment, which can help save you even more money. You will also enjoy the freedom of knowing that your car insurance has been paid for over the entire year.

Electronic Signing Discount

Drivers who sign up with Progressive Car Insurance through its online portal will receive a special discount for using an electronic signature. Progressive is excited to offer insurance through the internet. The company encourages drivers to take advantage of the convenience of online car insurance through the application and signing process when they purchase their new policy.

The e-signing incentive is designed to attract more customers to the benefits of online car insurance policies. New drivers will save $50 immediately upon submission of car insurance documents through the Progressive Car Insurance website. The document filing process is also faster when documents are submitted digitally.

Discounts for Ownership

Individuals who own a home, condominium, or apartment are eligible for certain discounts through Progressive Car Insurance. The discounts are available to homeowners because most people who own their residence are statistically more responsible with their belongings.

The stability of home ownership indicates a lifestyle that includes safer driving habits. A car insurance company can feel more confident about the lower risk of a driver who owns a home being involved in a car accident. This reduced risk potentially saves money for the insurance company, which is shared with the driver through the special homeowner discount.

Low Mileage Discounts

Drivers who do not travel very many miles during the year can enjoy discounts through Progressive as well. If you live near work, take advantage of public transportation, or are able to walk to work you could qualify for a discount.

Driving fewer miles provides a dual benefit for car and driver. Your vehicle will sustain less wear and tear if you do not drive many miles a day. You are also less likely to be involved in an accident when you are behind the wheel less often. Both of these benefits can lead to discounts on car insurance rates.

The Snapshot Program

Progressive offers a unique program they call Snapshot. When you sign up for the Snapshot program, Progressive sends you a small sensor that you attach to your vehicle. The sensor records your driving habits and transmits them back to Progressive.

If you have good defensive driving habits, your insurance rates could be substantially reduced. While you are on the Snapshot program, you can log in to the Progressive website to see what your latest reports have been and how they have affected your insurance rating. Snapshot is entirely voluntary. Customers can choose to withdraw from the program at any time.

Discounts for Good Grades

Progressive Car Insurance also rewards academic excellence. Students who post a B average for each semester of high school or college will qualify for lower car insurance rates. You will need to send proof of your grades to Progressive after each term to continue to qualify for a student discount.

Students who are able to maintain good grades are usually responsible enough to exhibit safe driving habits, which is why Progressive can offer a discount for good grades. The discount for academic achievement is a good way to offset the generally higher insurance rates that adolescents usually have to pay.