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Preferred Mutual Auto Insurance Discounts

Drivers who qualify can earn several different kinds of discounts through Preferred Mutual. The discounts are available to good drivers, good students, members of certain organizations, those who install specific safety equipment on their vehicles, and anyone who chooses to purchase more than one type of policy through Preferred Mutual. Other discounts might be available for drivers who meet certain requirements. Not all discounts are available in all states. Check with your Preferred Mutual representative to find out what sort of discount you might earn.

Defensive Driver Discounts

Preferred Mutual offers a special discount for drivers who successfully complete certified defensive driving classes. Attending a driving class, even if you have been driving for years, can teach you new techniques to help you avoid accidents before they happen. Since the class should help reduce your possibility of being involved in an accident, Preferred Mutual can offer a discount based on your lowered risk levels.

Good Driving Record

Drivers who have managed to maintain a good driving history can also expect to pay less for their car insurance. Avoiding tickets or accidents for three consecutive years can help you cut down on your insurance costs substantially. Driving for several years without a problem indicates that you are a defensive and responsible driver, which means that you are far less likely to be involved in a car accident and need to file a claim through your car insurance company.

Good Student Discounts

Students who maintain excellent grades can take advantage of the Preferred Mutual good student discounts. To qualify, students must be currently enrolled full time in college or high school. They must have at least a 3.0 grade point average each semester. If the student has insurance through a parent's policy, the discount will apply to the parent's insurance premium. Students will need to present proof of their grade point average after each school term in order to continue receiving the discount. Students can only receive the discount when they are currently attending school. Notify your agent as soon as there is a change in your enrollment status.

Discounts for Multiple Policies

Preferred Mutual offers more than just auto insurance. You can receive a discount on your car insurance policy if you choose Preferred Mutual for your homeowner's or mobile homeowner's insurance coverage as well. Using the same company for both types of insurance coverage can help cut down on the amount of paperwork you have to deal with because the insurance policies are consolidated into the same offices. You can also deal with a single agent rather than finding different agents for each type of insurance that you need.

Accident Forgiveness

This discount is available to Preferred Mutual customers who have held continuous policies for three years or more. It saves you money on your premium when you are involved in your first accident by allowing you to make the accident claims without increasing your insurance costs. A second accident or subsequent claims will cause your insurance premiums to rise at the standard rate. If your first accident occurs within the first three years of coverage, accident forgiveness is not a discount option available to you. Contact your Preferred Mutual agent to learn more about the accident forgiveness qualifications if you believe you should receive this benefit.

Safety Equipment Discounts

Drivers can expect a discount if they install specific safety equipment on their vehicles. Anti-lock brakes, automatic seat belts, and front airbags all reduce the potential injuries in a car accident. Since most cars that are on the market today are already equipped with the safety equipment that qualifies you for this discount, there is a good chance that you will qualify as soon as you sign up for your car insurance policy. Each piece of equipment only qualifies for the discount if it is factory installed. Aftermarket equipment does not qualify for the discount.

Motor Club Memberships

Preferred Mutual has a special relationship with several motor clubs throughout its coverage area. You could qualify for a special discount on your car insurance policy if you are a member of one of these motor clubs. Check with your representative to find out which clubs are included in your area. Joining a motor club helps you maintain your vehicle more effectively, which makes it safer to drive. Motor clubs also help you change tires and batteries and other problems that could leave you stranded on the side of the road and put you in direct danger.