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Plymouth Rock Assurance Auto Discounts

Plymouth Rock Assurance offers several different discounts for individuals and groups. It also provides unique services, like the gas price finder and the savings pass, to help you save as much money as possible when you are driving.

Gas Price Finder

The Plymouth Rock gas price finder will give you a listing of the current prices at several gas stations in your particular zip code. All you need to do is enter your zip code information into the appropriate box at the Plymouth Rock website and it will return a comprehensive list so that you can find the best gasoline price within your geographical area. The gas price finder is as accurate as possible, but it cannot guarantee that the prices will not be adjusted between the time when they are reported and the time when you visit the gas station.

Savings Pass

Although it is not directly associated with your insurance premium, the Plymouth Rock Assurance Savings Pass program will help you save money any time you shop with an affiliated organization. Plymouth Rock has established a relationship with several community retailers that specialize in auto services. You could earn as much as a 25% discount at companies like Hertz, Jiffy Lube, Sullivan's Tire and Auto Service, or the Sears Auto Center. You could also earn 25% off on a 12-month subscription to iZUP+, which can help you reduce distractions from your cellular phone and keep you safer on the road.

Safe Driver Discounts

A driver with a good driving history will usually receive lower car insurance rates from almost any car insurance company. Plymouth Rock Assurance offers a special discount for drivers who have not had any traffic violations or filed any car insurance claims for 36 consecutive months. In order to qualify for this discount, you must be 18 years old or older, and live in a home where all of the licensed drivers are more than 18 years old. Safe driving habits will earn you discounts throughout your driving career if you are able to maintain them.

Paid-in-Full Discounts

Plymouth Rock Assurance offers a discount for customers who are willing to pay their car insurance premiums in a single annual payment or two bi-annual payments. Lump sum payments are easier for the insurance company to process, and they ensure that you will not have any chance of accidentally allowing your insurance coverage to lapse during the period that you already paid for. The convenience and security of making one or two payments a year makes it possible for the insurance company to offer you lower premiums than you would pay if you were on a monthly billing cycle.

Distant Students

Drivers who are the parents of students who attend college away from home could take advantage of this discount through Plymouth Rock Assurance. If your child is a licensed driver and chooses to leave their car at home while they are at school, your insurance could cost less. The student must not have regular access to the car during the school term in order for this discount to continue to apply. The student should restrict driving to the intersession periods and summer months when they are not in school. If you believe there will be a change in the agreed-upon driving pattern, contact your Plymouth Rock agent.

Multiple Car Discounts

You can earn a discount through Plymouth Rock Assurance if you add more than one car to your insurance policy. Spouses and children who live at home and have their driver's licenses are the ones who usually take advantage of this additional savings. The additional driver must live at the same address as the primary driver, and must be related through blood or marriage. If the additional driver has a poor driving record, you may not save as much by adding them to your policy as a secondary driver.

Mature Drivers

Plymouth Rock Assurance offers a special discount for drivers over the age of 60 who are willing to complete a special accident-prevention course. The course offers refreshers on the traffic regulations that the drivers are already familiar with, but it also offers special tactics to help an older driver avoid accidents. Mature drivers can have special challenges that younger drivers do not face on a regular basis. This driving course considers those challenges and teaches you ways to overcome them so that you will be safer on the road. The additional savings on your car insurance premium reflects the lowered risk that you could be involved in an accident.