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If you live in Oklahoma and are over the age of 16, there's a great chance you drive a car, truck or van. If you drive a motor vehicle, then you need car insurance coverage to legally operate that vehicle in the state of Oklahoma.

Downtown Oklahoma City

You should take advantage of our free auto insurance quotes so you can lower your monthly premium. Car insurance quotes can vary for different online and offline quote dealers - it pays to shop around. At a fundamental level, the quotes are determined by userís past track and propensity towards risk, car type and the choice of coverage that you select.

For instance, you can pay less in premiums for lower priced cars. For example, it will generally cost less to insure a 1988 Ford Taurus than a brand new Porsche. Oklahoma insurance prices are pretty realistic. In fact, 33 states offer higher premiums than Oklahoma.

Oklahoma auto insurance agents consider if you've ever had your license suspended as well if you got pulled over for a DUI and they also check the Open Container law, Highway Speed Limit and Blood Alcohol Limit prior to analyzing your rate. The best car insurance dealers offer quotes through a secure online form and can give you a policy in less than 20 minutes. You just have to find the right company and then you can start saving money.

Oklahoma gives Property Damage Liability Coverage of up to $25,000 USD and Bodily Damage Liability Coverage of up to $50,000 USD. Oklahoma follows a Tort System. This means that someone has to be a guilty party and that person along with the insurance company is to be held liable for the damage to the aggrieved party.

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