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Motorists Mutual Insurance Company Car Insurance Discounts

Motorists Mutual Insurance Company has offered affordable coverage for American motorists for more than 75 years. The company's longevity comes from its high quality customer service and its experience in the insurance business. You may qualify for one of the many discounts the company offers as standard parts of any car insurance policy. The extensive coverage that customers receive through the basic policy is a sort of discount in its own right because the company offers services that would cost extra through other insurance companies.

Coverage Extends Past Simple Liability

Customers who sign up for liability coverage through Motorists Mutual Insurance Company will receive more than they probably expect from a liability policy. Motorists Mutual covers all of the basic elements of a collision, including damage to your car and damage to the other driver's car.

The company also covers medical costs when there is an injury from an accident. Motorists Mutual customers will be covered for any funeral costs if the accident results in a death. What you may not expect is that Motorists Mutual also covers the court costs, bail bonds, and any legal expenses that their customers have to pay after they are involved in an accident.

Protection from Uninsured Drivers

Being involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver can become expensive very quickly. With Motorists Mutual coverage, you can be confident that your costs will not be more than your budget can handle. Motorists Mutual covers everyone in your automobile at the time of the accident, including passengers who are not related to you.

The coverage extends to any injuries you or your family may experience if you are struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian. This coverage protects you any time you or your family members are involved in an accident involving another driver who does not carry enough insurance or is uninsured. Even when you are a pedestrian, Motorists Mutual will still cover your injuries.

Wide Range of Non-Collision Coverage

Expensive repairs are sometimes necessary even when you have not even been involved in an accident. Motorists Mutual provides affordable comprehensive coverage for damage due to natural disasters such as hail, earthquakes, or floods. The policy also protects you from fire damage to your vehicle. Vandalism damage will be covered by your comprehensive policy. If your car is broken into, coverage applies for the theft as well as any broken glass or other damage that occurred during the theft. Motorists Mutual even offers standard coverage for cars damaged by birds or other animals while the car is parked or on the road.

Special Coverage Options

Motorists Mutual customers can take advantage of some special supplemental options to the standard policies offered. You can purchase additional coverage that includes towing costs and labor costs during the repair of your vehicle. Motorists Mutual also offers special coverage for reimbursement of rental costs while you are waiting for your car to be repaired. Other types of supplemental transportation that you may have to find while your car is in the shop, like bus fare or shuttle payments, may also be covered by this policy supplement.

Safe Driver Discounts

As with any car insurance company, your driving record makes a big difference in the amount of money you will have to pay for a premium with Motorists Mutual. Drivers who have not had an accident or a traffic ticket in the past three consecutive years will pay lower car insurance rates than drivers with recent claims on their records. Avoiding traffic citations will keep your record clear of points, which will make your car insurance less expensive through Motorists Mutual. Every driver with a clean driving history can take advantage of these savings. You do not have to sign up for a special discount in order to benefit from being a safe driver.

Low Mileage Savings

Motorists Mutual also rewards drivers who are on the road for fewer miles. If you only drive on the weekends, or you live close to work, you may be able to take advantage of a discount on your car insurance costs. The less your car is driven, the lower its risk for being involved in an accident. Motorists Mutual can offer you a lower rate when you drive less often because you have a lower risk of needing to file a claim. Make sure you report your annual mileage accurately to your Motorists Mutual agent so that you can receive the best price.