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Mercury Insurance Company Discount Programs

Mercury Car Insurance Company offers several special discounts for customers who qualify. Whether you are a safe driver or an excellent student, you can reduce your insurance payments by taking advantage of these discounts.

Safe Driving Record

Drivers who can avoid accidents or moving violations will be rewarded with a nice discount through Mercury Car Insurance. If you can maintain a safe driving record for three consecutive years, you will qualify for this discount. You do not have to be a Mercury customer for the three consecutive safe driving years in order to receive the safe driving discount. The longer your driving record remains safe, the more you will save on your insurance costs. The discount remains in place if you are involved in an accident that is found to be the other driver's fault.

Multiple Car Discount

Many drivers live in households with two or three other people who drive their own cars. If you currently reside with other drivers who buy their own insurance, you can qualify for a Mercury discount by convincing each of them to sign up with Mercury as well. Your housemates will also receive the multiple car discount. This discount only applies to people who claim the same residence as their primary home. They must be related through blood, marriage, or adoption. Spouses, children, brothers, sisters, and even cousins who sign up with Mercury can expect a substantial discount on their insurance rates.

Professional Associations

Mercury carries affiliations with several professional associations. If you belong to one of these organizations, you can receive a discount on your car insurance rates. Your local Mercury representative can give you a detailed list of the associations in your area. You may qualify for a car insurance discount based on your place of employment or your regular shopping destinations. Talk to a Mercury representative for more information on how much you can save on your car insurance rates, based on your professional associations in the community.

Anti-Theft Auto Protection

Auto theft can be an expensive problem for car insurance companies. The more you do to protect your car from theft or vandalism, the more you can save on your insurance rates. When a car is stolen, the insurance company may have to reimburse you for the entire cost of the car. Even if police recover the car, the thieves have usually caused enough damage that the insurance company will need to cover repair costs. A simple steering wheel lock or a complex digital alarm system can help deter thieves, which saves you the heartache of having your car stolen and saves money for your insurance company.

Getting Good Grades

High school and college students generally pay higher insurance rates than almost any other demographic. If you fall into this category, you can reduce your insurance rates by continuing to get good grades. All you need to do is maintain a B average each semester. You can show a copy of your grade report to your Mercury Insurance Company representative and he or she will apply the good student discount to your policy. Students over the age of 25 and under the age of 16 may not be eligible for this discount.

Low Annual Mileage

The less you drive, the fewer accidents you are likely to be involved in. Driving fewer miles also eliminates the wear and tear on your vehicle. These aspects of low annual mileage make it easy for Mercury to offer special discounts for drivers who do not drive very often. Talk to your Mercury customer service person about the specific mileage table that determines what kind of discount you may qualify for. This discount benefits anyone who finds alternative transportation for his or her daily commute. It is also a good discount for seniors or stay at home moms who tend to stay home rather than go out regularly.

Lump Sum Payment

If you can manage to pay your entire car insurance premium at one time, you will save a great deal on your insurance payments. A lump sum payment is typically up to 15% less than the amount you would pay if you paid monthly. This discount is applied immediately as soon as you make your payment. The reason Mercury can allow annual payments to be less is because they cut down on the amount of time and effort needed to maintain an account that is billed on a monthly basis. Annual payments also guarantee that the policy is always up to date.