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Foggy Morning in Maryland
Maryland is probably best known as the state that provides the suburbs for Washington D.C. It was one of the original 13 colonies, and has a rich history stretching back to well before the War for Independence. Today, the Baltimore Orioles baseball team is probably the most widely recognized export from this small state. Maryland is also home to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis.

If you are planning to move to Maryland, you should learn as much as you can about the state's car insurance regulations before you relocate. There is no reason to pay more for car insurance just because you are unfamiliar with the area. A quick comparison of car insurance rates and policy will help you make an educated decision about your insurance carrier.

Those who are already Maryland residents can also benefit from online quote comparisons. The various life changes that happen every year can have a significant impact on your insurance rates. Comparing rates once every 6 months or even once a year can help you make sure you are always paying a fair rate for your coverage.

Maryland Minimum Required Car Insurance Coverage

- Minimum Required Bodily Injury Coverage

  • $20,000 per injured person in an accident
  • $40,000 for all injured persons in an accident

- Minimum Required Property Damage Coverage

  • $15,000 for destruction of property or injury

Optional Insurance Coverage

- Personal Injury Protection (PIP):

  • At least $2,500 per individual for hospital, medical, and disability, and loss of income benefits up to 85 percent for three years. PIP benefit rejections must be in written form.

- Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UM) and Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM):

  • Unless waived by the insured, UM coverage must be as much as the bodily injury that has been purchased.
  • If the equal coverage for UM is waived, UM must at least match the legal minimum for bodily injury coverage.

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Out-of-State Driver's License Transfers and Vehicle Registration

You must transfer your out-of-state driver's license and vehicle registration within 60 days of becoming a Maryland resident. The only exceptions to this rule are people who are living in the state while attending a college or university, or those who reside in the state due to active military service.

Proof of Identification and Residency for Driver's License

Before you can be issued a Maryland driver's license, you must be able to prove your age, identity, and legal residency in the state as well as in the country. Maryland accepts a social security card or any official immigration paperwork to prove that you are in the country legally. To prove that you are a Maryland resident, you will need to provide a check stub, mortgage paperwork, or utility bill that has both your legal name and your current Maryland address listed. A valid out-of-state driver's license will be acceptable proof of your identity.

Surrendering Your Out-of-State License

Once you have provided the clerk with the appropriate identification paperwork, you will be required to surrender your out-of-state driver's license before you can receive a Maryland license. If your previous state had placed any suspensions or other legal holds on your license, you will not be allowed to transfer to a Maryland license until those suspensions are fully served. You must request written documentation that your suspension has lapsed before you can apply for a driver's license transfer in Maryland.

Required Driving Tests

All licensed drivers must pass a simple vision test before they will receive a new license. If your out-of-state license has been expired for more than one year, you will be required to pass a written traffic exam as well as a physical driving test. The clerk has the authority to request any of these tests if they feel that it is necessary, regardless of your age or previous driving record. If you are required to take the written exam, you can access an informational packet from the driver's license office or download one from the Maryland website.

Drivers under 18

Anyone who has been driving fewer than 18 months consecutively will be issued a Maryland Provisional License. Drivers who already hold learner's permits from out-of-state will be required to go through the permit process all over again once they become Maryland residents. Learner's permits do not transfer directly from another state to Maryland. Once a driver turns 18, or has more than 18 months of driving experience, he or she is eligible for a driver's license without any restrictions. The provisional license requires that drivers observe a curfew and that they cannot drive with more than one passenger in the car unless the other passengers are licensed drivers.

Registration Transfers Accepted in Person or Through the Mail

You can transfer your vehicle registration in person at any branch office of the MVA. If you are unable to travel to the MVA office, you can also send your application and appropriate paperwork through the mail to the MVA Out-of-State Titling Unit. Be sure that you include all of the necessary documentation if you choose to apply through the mail. The process can take much longer if you spend time negotiating with the office remotely about missing documents. You do not have to transfer your registration in the MVA branch that is located in your city.

Proof of Ownership Paperwork

Aside from the regular application paperwork and identification paperwork you will be required to present proof that you are the legal owner of the vehicle. A completed application will be accompanied by an original title that bears the owner's name from your previous state. The name on the title must match your legal name as written on your proof of identification. If more than one person is listed on the title, everyone who owns the vehicle must sign the application for a registration transfer. You will also need to provide proof of Maryland residency, which can be in the form of a Maryland driver's license.

What to do if you Don't Have the Title

If you are leasing your vehicle or the title is held by a lien owner, you will need to take steps to have the title delivered to the MVA. You will receive a letter from your MVA branch that you can send to the lienholder explaining the process required for a vehicle registration transfer. Once the lienholder delivers the title to the MVA, you will be contacted so that you can complete the registration transfer process. It is a good idea to begin as soon as you relocate to Maryland if you know that you will need to request the title from a third party since mail communication can be slow at times.

Safety Inspections

All vehicles that are registered in Maryland are required to undergo regular safety inspections. You can have your vehicle inspected at any certified Maryland inspection station, which includes service stations and automobile dealerships. Your inspection certificate will be valid for 90 days after it is issued. The MVA recommends that you inspect your inspection certificate, application for transfer, and title to make sure that all of the information listed is accurate and agrees. An inspection certificate that does not display the same information as the other forms of vehicle identification will not be accepted.

Excise Tax

Out-of-state transfer applicants must pay a 6% excise tax on any vehicle that was purchased within the last 7 years. The applicant will be charged a flat rate of $100 for a vehicle that was purchased in a state that charges a 6% or higher tax rate. Vehicles that were purchased in states that have lower tax rates than the 6% in Maryland will be charged the difference between the out-of-state tax rate and the Maryland tax rate. If your car was purchased more than 7 years ago, you may need to submit further documentation to prove the car's value.

In Maryland, it is illegal for drivers not to have insurance coverage. Traffic officials are always on the lookout for drivers that cruise the streets of Maryland without any car insurance. An accident can happen at any time and you don't want to get caught by paying tens of thousands of dollars, because you got in an accident with no coverage. When comparing rate quotes it is important to look for the deductible amount, liability coverage and also make sure there's an easy claims process. To accomplish this, you can start your search by entering your zip code above and get Maryland car insurance quotes; you will be glad you took the time and can start saving money immdediately.

It is an imperative for a person to get car insurance to assure yourself of a well protected property and future. Maryland auto insurance companies offer many of the same benefits and substantial insurance coverage levels that companies in many other states offer. Driving without insurance in Maryland can cause you some time in jail or a huge fine. Whatever the punishment may be, it is only proper for you to get insurance, for this protects you in car accidents you may incur in the future.

You don't have to go broke to compare car insurance. You may have to accept a deductible of $1,000 or $1,5000 dollars, but even this high level could save you tons of money if you were to get a serious collision with another vehicle. Don't get caught like other drivers taking risks by driving without proof of insurance. It is highly recommended that you get yourself Maryland car insurance quotes first so you understand all the products offered for you and your car with a very reasonable price. They could cover the basic policy coverage enough for your protection when driving your car in the main roads of Maryland. Choosing Maryland to get your insurance quotes will enable you to choose the right decision to get yourself car insurance. Cheaper insurance coverage for you is now within your reach and itís up to you to take advantage of these offers.

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