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Main Street America Auto Insurance Discounts

Main Street America offers discounts for drivers who qualify in many different ways. The discounts vary by state because state insurance regulations can differ widely. The following discounts may apply to you.

Good Student Discounts

Full time college and high school students can qualify for a discount up to 25% if they meet the age and grade requirements. Maintaining a good grade point average indicates you are a responsible individual and it is a good indication that you are a safer driver. Your good grades can offset the risk associated with younger drivers, which can help keep your insurance costs lower while you are a student. Students will need to be able to prove their grades each term by sending a copy of their grade reports to the insurance office.

Credit for Driver Safety

Main Street America offers a 10% discount for good drivers. If you have never been at fault for an accident and you have not received a moving violation for three consecutive years, you might qualify for this discount. Safe drivers who maintain clean driving records can expect to pay less for their car insurance from the beginning since they will be in a lower risk category, but this discount can be added to that lower rate for even more savings. Accidents not deemed your fault would not disqualify you from this discount.

Anti-Theft Discounts

Protecting your vehicle from theft or vandalism will save you the time and money of tracking down your car if stolen. It could also save you money on your car insurance through Main Street America. They offer a discount of 5% to 15% for drivers who carry comprehensive insurance coverage and equip their cars with theft deterrents. The amount of the discount depends on the type of theft deterrent you install. Almost any kind of deterrent could earn you a discount, from steering wheel locks to electronic theft alarms. Digital recovery systems could also earn you a discount.

Safety Equipment Discounts

Customers who own Medical Payments or No Fault Coverage in their car insurance policies can expect discounts between 20% and 30% for installing driver and passenger side air bags in their cars. Factory installed anti-lock brakes could earn you a discount of 5% on your Bodily Injury or Property Damage Liability coverage. Keeping your car safer for passengers and equipping it with technology that can help you avoid accidents can cut down on the amount of any claims you may need to file after an accident. The increased safety allows the insurance company to assign you to a lower risk category.

Discounts for Driver Training

This discount is for drivers who are 21 years old or younger. You could receive a 10% discount if you successfully complete a driver-training course that meets the discount requirements. Make sure you speak with a Main Street America agent before you sign up for a training course to make sure that the training course is on the list of approved courses. Driver training discounts are not available in all states. You will need to present a certificate of completion to your agent in order to receive this discount.

Combined Personal Insurance

Main Street America offers home insurance as well as car insurance. You can earn a special discount if you choose to purchase your home insurance as well as your car insurance through Main Street America. Combining your policies could give you a chance to save money on both of your policies at once. Using the same company for both insurance policies also cuts down on the amount of paperwork you have to deal with when you are paying your bills. You can consolidate both of your insurance needs through the same agent and save money on your insurance policy at the same time if you qualify for this discount.

Multi-Car Discount

Customers who own two or more cars could qualify for a 25% discount if they insure more than one of their cars through Main Street America. This discount applies for vehicles owned by customers who live in the same main residence and are related by marriage or by blood. Talk with your Main Street America representative to find out if you have an extra car that would qualify for this type of discount. Many people take advantage of this discount for cars owned by spouses or children who live in the same home and drive different cars.