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Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Discount Programs

Liberty Mutual car insurance offers many incentives for drivers who qualify for certain discounts. There are many different ways to save on your insurance premiums.

Bundled Policies are Less Expensive

Liberty Mutual offers insurance for homes as well as automobiles. If you choose to bundle your insurance coverage for your home along with your car insurance, you will receive a discount on both types of coverage.

It is possible to save as much as 10% on your annual car insurance premium when you carry more than one type of insurance with Liberty Mutual. Using one company for both types of insurance needs can also make it easier to complete your paperwork and pay your bills because they all go to the same place.

Good Grades Equal Lower Costs

College and high school students who maintain a B average or better will receive discounts on their car insurance rates. Teenage drivers can be some of the most expensive to insure, which makes the good student discount through Liberty Mutual a nice way to keep down the costs of teenage insurance.

If students allow their grades to fall below a B average, they will have to bring them back up again in order to continue to receive the insurance rate discount. You can receive the discount by sending a copy of your latest report card to your Liberty Mutual agent.

Being a Member has Benefits

Some group members are given discounts by Liberty Mutual simply for belonging to specific groups. If you are a part of an alumni association, work for certain companies, belong to a credit union, or are a member of any of the affinity groups related with Liberty Mutual, you will receive a discount on your car insurance.

Texas residents are not eligible for this discount, but there is a similar savings available for Texas through Liberty Mutual. Ask your agent for more information if you are not sure whether you qualify for a group membership discount.

Combine Household Cars on One Policy

Liberty Mutual provides a discount for drivers who insure more than one vehicle through the company. Even if you do not include all of your vehicles on the same policy, you can receive a discount if more than one household vehicle is insured through Liberty Mutual.

Anyone who drives a car and lives in your home will be eligible for the multiple car discount program. Make sure that your Liberty Mutual agent realizes that more than one vehicle from your household is being insured so that you will receive the discount that you have earned for having multiple cars.

Making Your Car Safer to Drive

All cars are equipped with seat belts to keep drivers safer during a collision. There are more advanced safety features that a car owner can have installed on his or her car, however. Driver and passenger airbags reduce the danger of someone being severely injured during a head-on or rear-end collision. Anti-lock brakes make it easier to stop quickly when there is an unexpected shift in the traffic.

Protecting yourself and your passengers through these common safety features can help reduce your car insurance costs through Liberty Mutual. Reinforced doors and safety bumpers also qualify for insurance discounts due to their increased safety.

Protect Your Car from Theft

Vehicle owners can take steps to ensure their cars are less vulnerable to theft. There are many types of theft deterrent devices. Steering wheel locks can be purchased from auto parts stores. You could also have an alarm system installed to protect your car from being damaged through vandalism or theft.

Liberty Mutual offers discounts to customers who have cars that are equipped with anti-theft equipment because there is a smaller risk that those cars will be stolen. Many anti-theft devices also help law enforcement officials find a car that has been stolen, which can reduce the size of an insurance claim.

Drive Less to Save More

The fewer miles you drive on a regular basis, the fewer chances you will have to be involved in an accident. Liberty Mutual offers discounts to drivers who maintain a certain minimum amount of miles in a year. You can reduce your mileage by taking advantage of public transportation options, like the bus or the train. Many people prefer to walk during nice weather.

Every chance you have to get where you need to go without using your car will help keep your insurance costs down over the long run with Liberty Mutual.