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Grass Plains of Kansas
Kansas was the first state to ratify the 15th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, giving slaves the right to vote. This "Sunflower State" is known of course for its fields of sunflowers, tornadoes and unmatched beauty in its spring and fall weather. More than 2.5 million Americans call the state home.

Kansas is an affordable state to live, but salaries are generally lower than other parts of the country too. That means Kansas families need to save money whenever they can. A great place to start is car insurance.

By comparing auto insurance, you can find the best options and rates for your needs. You can compare the rates of companies so that you can find the best deal possible. By doing your comparison shopping here, you get many quotes from filling out only one form, and you get an unbiased comparison. Once you compare rates you can decide on the best insurance policy for your needs. It helps to understand the state's minimum insurance requirements first.

Mandatory Insurance Coverage in Kansas

- Bodily Injury Insurance Minimums

  • $25,000 per person injured in any one accident
  • $50,000 for all persons injured in any one accident

- Property Damage Insurance Minimums

  • $10,000 for injury to, or destruction of, property of others in any one accident

- Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

  • Must carry at least $4,500 per person for medical costs
  • Disability insurance up to $900 per month, per person, up to one year
  • Funeral benefit up to $2,000 per person
  • Motorcyclists can reject PIP only if they do so in writing.
  • Optional Insurance Coverage

    - Uninsured (UM) / Underinsured Motorist (UIM)

    Insurers must offer you coverage equal to the bodily injury coverage carried. UIM limits must match UM limits.

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    Transferring Your Registration and License to Kansas

    Transferring your vehicle registration and out of state driver's license to Kansas may seem complicated at first, but it is easy enough if you understand the basic requirements. All residents who have lived in the state for 30 days must transfer their license and vehicle registration or face fees and penalties.

    Registration Transfer Requires Two Stops

    Kansas residents must prove that their vehicles have passed a certified auto inspection before they can be considered for registration. If you need to transfer a vehicle title from another state into Kansas, you will need to have the vehicle certified by an official auto inspection station before you visit the motor vehicle office. The highway patrol keeps a list of certified stations that can qualify your vehicle. Once you have obtained the pink copy of the inspection certification, take it with your out of state title to a local Kansas Department of Motor Vehicle office where you will need to fill out the rest of the registration paperwork.

    Proof of Insurance Necessary for Registration

    Anyone driving in Kansas must carry a minimum amount of car insurance before his or her car can be registered. You must provide the motor vehicle office valid proof of current car insurance coverage with your title and inspection certification in order to receive a transfer for your registration. The proof of insurance should include the name of your insurance company and the type of policy you have purchased. It also needs to contain a beginning date and an expiration date for the policy, as well as the VIN number, make, and model of your vehicle.

    How to Transfer a Title Under Lien

    Vehicles that are currently owned by a bank or lending institution require an extra step in the registration process. The lien holder will need to fax or mail a copy of the front and back of the vehicle title to the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicle office. You will also need to provide proof that the appropriate registration taxes and fees have been paid in your previous state. The lien holder will be asked to surrender their title to Kansas, at which point they will be sent a new Kansas title for the vehicle in question.

    Lien Transfer Time Limits

    There are some limits when it comes to transferring a registration for a vehicle that is under lien. The lien holder must comply with the Kansas regulations and deliver the appropriate paperwork within 60 days of the initial request. The car owner is responsible for making sure that the paperwork is processed within this time limit. If the lien holder does not meet the 60 day deadline, the vehicle will not be registered until all of the paperwork has been received and processed by the Kansas Division of Vehicles. A vehicle may not be operated in Kansas without a valid registration and title.

    Costs of Transferring Vehicle Registration

    The flat fee for transferring a title in Kansas is $12.50. There is also a tax assessed depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Expired out of state tags are only eligible for transfer if they are personalized tags. You can contact the county treasurer to find out the exact amount of taxes that you will be charged for your specific vehicle when you make your out of state transfer. The Kansas title fee is $8.00. If you purchased your vehicle out of state, you should be aware that sales tax rates are different in each county.

    Out of State Licenses Must be Valid for Transfer

    In order to have your license transferred when you move to Kansas; it must not be suspended or revoked by any other state. If your license has been canceled for any reason, Kansas will uphold the ruling and not allow you to hold a driver's license within the state. If you hold a license that has been suspended in another state, you will not be able to transfer your license in Kansas until the out of state suspension has expired. You will need to provide proof of the expiration of the suspension before you can begin the process of applying for a Kansas license.

    License Transfer Proof of Identity and Residency Requirements

    All driver's license transfer applicants are required to show one form of proof of United States residency as well as a secondary identification document. You need to provide an official record of birth, military identification, or naturalization paperwork with a photo ID. Your out of state license can be used as a secondary form of identification, but it cannot replace a birth certificate or other official record of your citizenship, legal name, or date of birth. Birth certificates and other official documentation can be requested from their state of origin if you do not have an official copy on hand.

    You must also prove that you are a Kansas resident before you will be issued a transferred driver's license. Official forms from a Kansas school are acceptable to establish residency. You can also provide current utility bills that display an address from Kansas or any form of homeowner documentation, including mortgage papers. Payroll checks from Kansas companies or documentation that shows ownership of a Kansas bank account are also acceptable forms of proof of residency. A change of address form that has been officially certified by the US Postal Service is also acceptable.

    License Exams

    The types of exams you are required to complete in order to transfer your driver's license depend largely on the status of your out of state license. People who can present valid out of state licenses that have not expired will only be required to complete a vision exam. If your license has been expired for less than a year, you may be required to complete a written exam. A license that has been expired for more than a year will require you to take a physical driving test, as well as the written exam and the vision test. Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles employees may require any exam at their discretion.

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