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Insurance Company Discount Programs for Metlife

Metlife offers several different auto insurance discounts for drivers who qualify. Being a safe driver for a number of consecutive years can earn you substantial discounts on your premium, as well as your deductible. Young drivers who are excellent students can also save money on their car insurance costs. Metlife offers a unique discount program that allows families to pay less if everyone on the policy maintains a safe driving record for a specific number of consecutive years.

Annual Discount Program

Customers who are safe drivers earn the highest rewards through Metlife auto insurance. Every year that you are insured through Metlife and you avoid any accidents or other insurance claims, Metlife will give you $50 toward your deductible. The longer you are accident free, the lower your deductible payment will be if you ever need to make a claim. The deductible credit will accrue every year until it reaches the maximum discount of $250. If your deductibles are already reasonably low, however, that $250 will go a long way toward making your deductible payment less painful if you are ever involved in an accident or your vehicle is damaged and in need of repair.

Driver Education Discounts

Drivers who have held valid driver's licenses for two or more years can earn discounts of up to 7% on their Metlife car insurance by completing special defensive driving courses on their own. The National Safety Council offers defensive driving courses and driver safety courses that qualify for safe driver discounts through Metlife. In some states, Metlife offers driving safety classes that also qualify you for discounts. Not every state offers the same classes, so it is important to talk with your Metlife representative about the options in your area. There are also restrictions on the discounts Metlife can offer for driving school graduates in some areas due to insurance laws. Find out what classes qualify you for savings before you sign up for the classes so that you will know what to expect from your insurance company.

Household Safe Driver Rewards

Families of safe drivers benefit from a unique discount program through Metlife. If all of the drivers in your household have remained accident free, you can earn a discount of up to 12% on your car insurance. Groups of drivers who manage to avoid accidents or traffic violations for five consecutive years can qualify for a discount of up to 20% on their auto insurance through Metlife. It pays to insure all of your household vehicles through Metlife and make sure that everyone drives responsibly while they are all insured.

Combined Policy Savings

Metlife offers auto insurance, but they also offer home insurance and life insurance. Customers can receive a discount on all of their insurance needs when they combine policies into packages through Metlife. You could combine your auto insurance with your home insurance and receive a 10% discount on the package. When you combine your life insurance policy with your auto insurance policy, Metlife will offer you a 5% discount. The discounts vary depending on the type of coverage you purchase and the type of package that you choose. Metlife offers several other package options that you can learn about through your Metlife representative. Make sure you mention that you are interested in combining policies when you talk with an agent about your policy options.

Student Reward Programs

Young drivers can pay some of the most expensive insurance rates. Even living with a teenager who is old enough to drive can cause your insurance rates to be higher. You can make a dent in those rates through the Metlife good student discount program. If your teenager consistently earns excellent grades in school, you will be able to take advantage of Metlife auto insurance discounts. Qualifying students can earn as much as a 15% discount on their auto insurance premiums annually.

Lease or Loan Payoff Feature

Metlife also saves you money if your car has been declared a total loss after an accident. If you are a Metlife customer, your existing lease or loan for the damaged car will be paid off completely by Metlife. It does not matter if the car's value is less than the amount that is still owed to the leasing company or bank. You will not be stuck making payments for a car that you can no longer drive, which leaves you free to find another car as quickly as possible after the accident. This coverage feature helps customers recover from accidents more quickly and painlessly.