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Insurance Company Discount Programs - USAA

USAA offers many different discount programs for members. Some of the discounts are based on specific military service. There are other discounts offered as incentives for maintaining an excellent driving record.

Good Student Discounts

Students who earn a B average or higher can take advantage of USAA car insurance discounts. Good students receive a discount on their car insurance because they demonstrate a responsible approach toward important tasks. A sense of responsibility tends to carry over to a student's driving habits.

A good student is less likely to file a claim for a collision. USAA can offer discounts to students with good grades because their grades indicate that they are at a lower risk for driving recklessly and causing an accident. Students who concentrate on school are less likely to drive as many miles, which also reduces their risk.

Safe Driver Savings

USAA offers special discounts for drivers who have maintained safe driving records. If you have not been involved in an accident or filed a claim for five consecutive years, you are considered a premier driver.

Premier drivers are offered substantial discounts on their USAA car insurance. In addition, premier drivers will continue to enjoy car insurance discounts through USAA as long as their driving records remain excellent. It is possible to continue receiving this discount for decades if you practice safe driving habits and manage to avoid causing accidents.

Accident Forgiveness

Drivers who have achieved premier status through avoiding any accidents or claims for five consecutive years are also eligible for the USAA accident forgiveness program. Accident forgiveness allows you to be involved in a single at fault accident without any penalties being assessed to your insurance coverage. You will be able to maintain your premier status as long as you are not involved in more than one at fault accident over a 10-year period. Your insurance rates will not go up, regardless of the severity of the accident. You must have had five consecutive years of accident-free driving to qualify for accident forgiveness.

Online Quote and Purchase Discount

The USAA car insurance company urges all drivers to do their insurance shopping online. USAA offers a one-time discount of $50 to any driver who looks for car insurance quotes online and purchases USAA insurance through their online portal. The online service is fast and convenient and provides all of the services that you would expect from dealing with an insurance company in person.

Online transactions are easier for the USAA to track and process. They are also easier for customers to negotiate, because they can be purchased any time of the day or night from any location in the world.

Military Service Discounts

Since USAA car insurance is only offered to military personnel and their families, it can provide special discounts for its members. Anyone who is on full-time, active military duty will automatically receive a discount on his or her auto insurance through USAA. The children of military members who are USAA customers are eligible for something called a legacy discount. They can earn up to 10% on their insurance premiums simply by signing up for USAA insurance. USAA also recognizes long time members through a loyalty discount that is offered to military personnel and family members.

Discounts for Specific Vehicles

USAA offers a discount for drivers who need to insure vehicles that are less than three years old. The new car discount provides extra savings for the latest models due to their increased safety and technology.

USAA also keeps track of the safety record of all makes and models. If you purchase a car that has a proven safety record, you will receive a discount on your auto insurance because of the reduced risk of an injury accident in a safer vehicle. Drivers who own more than one car and insure all of the vehicles through USAA are also eligible for a special discount.

Driver Training Discounts

When you increase your driving skills through defensive driver courses or driver-training courses, USAA will reward you with a special discount on your car insurance. These courses will teach you how to anticipate a problem in traffic and change your course in order to avoid an accident.

Every accident that you avoid saves your insurance company money. This savings is passed on to you in advance through a discount on your insurance premium because you were able to complete a driver-training course. Check with USAA for approved defensive driving courses in your area.