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Insurance Company Discount Programs - Travelers

Travelers Insurance Company offers discounts for many different types of drivers. No matter what your age is or what car you drive, you will probably fit into one of these discount categories.

Safe Driver Discount

Drivers who live in households where no one has been involved in an at-fault accident will qualify for Travelers safe driver discount. The household must also avoid major traffic violations to continue to be eligible for the discount.

Paid In Full Discount

Travelers offers a special discount for drivers who choose to pay for their insurance in an annual lump sum payment. Monthly and biannual payment choices are available, but you can save money by paying the entire premium at once. Paying the policy once a year also ensures that you are covered without having to make any adjustments throughout the year. Your policy will be enforced for a solid 12 months without any action on your part.

Early Quote Advantage

You can receive a discount through Travelers auto insurance if you request an insurance rate quote before buying a policy. The discount for shopping Travelers in advance can be as much as 15% for some drivers. This discount is also available for people who are shopping for home insurance and boat insurance. Travelers rewards customers for planning and gaining quote information before they are ready to transfer their insurance policies from another carrier.

Multiple Car Discount

If there is more than one licensed driver in your household who owns a car, you can both earn discounts if you switch to Travelers auto insurance. The car owners must both list a single household as their primary home. They must also be related by blood, marriage, or adoption. The multicar advantage discount applies to two or more cars that share the same primary address and both use Travelers for their insurance needs.

Hybrid Vehicle Savings

Buying a hybrid car can save you money at the gas pump and on your car insurance through Travelers. Drivers can earn up to 10% off on their hybrid insurance policies depending on the age, make, and model of hybrid they buy. The most recent hybrids receive the largest discounts because the hybrid technology continues to improve each model year. There are many reasons to buy a hybrid, including discounts on car insurance.

Good Student Discount

Students who are 25 years old or younger can receive car insurance discounts if they keep a B average or better while they are attending high school or college. This discount helps offset the higher rates of teenage car insurance because a higher grade point average means the student is a more responsible individual. Responsibility behind the wheel earns a student the opportunity to pay less for car insurance while he or she is still in school.

Long-Distance Students

Students who attend college away from home can also receive large discounts through Travelers. Most long-distance students leave their cars at home while they are on a college campus, which means that they have fewer opportunities to be involved in accidents or receive traffic tickets. Travelers recognizes the reduced risk of a claim from students who are far away from home by reducing the premiums those students have to pay while they are attending school.

Driver Training Discount

The Travelers driver-training discount is another opportunity for young drivers to reduce their insurance rates. Drivers who are 21 years old or younger can receive a discount if they successfully complete a certified driver-training course. The training course can include defensive driving techniques, as well as typical responsible driving behaviors. It must involve on the street training, as well as classroom discussion. Once the course is completed, the student must present a certificate of completion to Travelers to receive the proper discount. Older drivers can receive a drop in their insurance rates sometimes depending on the driving course and their personal driving history.

Home Owner Discount

Drivers who own a home or condominium may qualify for a discount through Travelers insurance company. Home ownership implies a sense of responsibility that usually suggests that people will drive more safely. If you own your home, you have a better awareness of how to manage your property and personal safety than someone who is living in a rental. Home ownership also shows a sense of permanence that is not part of renting a home. Stability and responsibility are traits that any insurance company admires. Travelers shows their appreciation through premium discounts.