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Insurance Company Discount Programs - State Farm

State Farm auto insurance offers several discounts for customers who qualify. Different discount packages are available in different states, so be sure to ask about the discounts in your area when you speak to a State Farm representative.

Multiple Vehicle Discount

You can earn a discount through State Farm if you have more than one car in your household insured through the same State Farm agent. The separate owners of each car must live in the same household and be related by marriage or by blood. If the owners are not directly related, they can still receive a discount on their insurance if they are officially listed as joint owners of the vehicle that is being insured. The insurance policy must also list both drivers on the policies for both cars.

New Vehicle Safety Discount

If you drive a car that was made in 1994 or later, you may qualify for a newer car discount. Newer cars have better safety features, which lead to fewer severe injuries when the cars are involved in accidents. This increased safety means that State Farm can expect to pay less for medical bills after the car is in a collision. This savings is passed on to you as the owner of the new car through premium discounts and lower insurance rates. Cars with driver and passenger airbags and anti-lock brakes also receive discounts through State Farm car insurance.

Safe Driver Discount

If no one in your household has been involved in an injury accident in the past three years, you may qualify for a safe driver discount from State Farm. Licensed drivers must have had a clean driving record, no matter who their insurance carrier is. The discount only applies to individual State Farm accounts. If you have been a State Farm customer for three years and have not had to file a claim in that time, you will also receive an accident free discount. Accident free discounts can increase if you avoid placing any claims and stay with State Farm for an extended period.

Theft Deterrent Discount

State Farm offers a discount for customers who make an effort to make their cars safer from theft or vandalism. Installing steering wheel locks and other theft deterrents can cause criminals to avoid trying to steal your car because it is visibly protected. Electronic alarms are also effective deterrents for your vehicle. If you can reduce the danger of theft or vandalism, State Farm will offer you a discount based on the type of theft deterrent you install. Theft deterrent discounts are not available in all states, so check with your agent if you believe you qualify.

Driving Education Discount

Defensive driving and good driver courses are available in every state where State Farm operates. Drivers who choose to attend driving courses and successfully complete them will be rewarded with a discount on their State Farm auto insurance. The driving courses must be taught by licensed instructors and must include class time study as well as a physical driving portion of the class. Proper documentation of your completion of the class must be submitted to your State Farm agent before you will begin to receive a discount on your insurance.

Academic Excellence Discount

Students can receive discounts on their insurance coverage if their grades are high enough on a consistent basis. Their parents could also receive a discount if the students are not old enough to drive. The student must have documented proof that they were in the top 20% of their class, had a B average, or were included on the dean's list or honor roll. Students can continue to receive an academic discount as long as they are in high school or college until the age of 25. Home schooled students can receive an academic discount if they prove that they scored in the top 20% on a standardized academic test managed by the state.

Steer Clear Safe Driver Discount

State Farm also has a unique discount program for male and unmarried drivers who are less than 25 years old. These drivers will qualify for the discount if they have managed to avoid at-fault accidents or traffic violations for three consecutive years. The drivers also need to successfully complete the Steer Clear program with their insurance agent. This program includes viewing a safe driving video, completing a driving log over time, and reading a safe-driving magazine. On completion of the program, the State Farm agent will apply the discount to the driver's policy.