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Insurance Company Discount Programs Offered by Nationwide

Nationwide offers customers discounts for several different reasons. You could earn a discount by having an excellent driving record, or earn a discount for having a great academic record. Vehicle upgrades can also save you money on your Nationwide insurance policy. Homeowners and those who have more than one vehicle insured through the company will also find they qualify for substantial discounts on their car insurance coverage. Nationwide also provides discounts for Farm Bureau members in several different states.

Insure Your Home or another Vehicle

Nationwide customers who own their homes can qualify for car insurance discounts when they purchase home insurance as well as car insurance through Nationwide. Customers who have more than one vehicle in their household can also receive discounts if the vehicles are all insured under one umbrella policy. Consolidating your car insurance coverage for several vehicles with the same company can make your rates lower and can also be more convenient when it comes time to pay your bill or make changes to the policy. One benefit is that more expensive drivers can experience lower rates by pairing their coverage with a more stable driver, although the more stable driver will end up paying more than he or she would have paid on their own.

Have an Excellent Driving Record

It makes sense for Nationwide to offer a discount to drivers who can prove they have not been involved in an accident or received a traffic violation in the past few years. Customers who have not been involved in an accident for five years are eligible for a flat discount of 10 percent. Drivers must have been eligible to drive for at least five years for this discount to apply. It is not required that the driver be a customer of Nationwide for those five accident free years in order to receive the discount.

Academic Discounts

Nationwide offers several different kinds of academic discounts to drivers who purchase their car insurance. You can earn as much as a 15 percent discount for living with an adolescent who earns a B average on their high school report card. You can also earn a discount if you or your teenage driver attends accredited defensive driving courses in your area. Accident prevention courses are also recognized by Nationwide as effective ways to decrease your risk of being involved in an automobile accident, which is why they can offer substantial discounts if you complete a course successfully.

Loyalty is Rewarded

Customers who stay insured with Nationwide for several consecutive years are appreciated through a flat rate reduction on their car insurance premiums. If you have been a Nationwide customer for 3 consecutive years, you will receive a 5 percent discount. If you are a Nationwide customer who has been loyal to the company for 5 or more years, you can expect a 15 percent discount on your car insurance rates. Five year customers who have been accident free will receive the loyal customer discount as well as the safe driver discount, which can make a substantial decrease in the amount of money you pay annually for your car insurance.

Make Your Car Safer and Save

Nationwide also offers discounts for customers who are willing to enhance the safety of their vehicles for drivers and passengers. Any automotive upgrade that decreases the possibility of a serious injury during an accident can earn you a discount on your insurance premiums. Nationwide specifically offers discounts for cars that have driver and passenger seatbelts that automatically restrain anyone in the front seats when the car doors are closed. Driver and passenger airbags are also a good way to earn a discount and increase the safety for drivers and passengers in your vehicle.

Protect Your Vehicle from Theft

Car theft is one of the most expensive aspects of insuring a vehicle. The more you do to make your car less susceptible to theft, the more Nationwide will reward you with discounts on your car insurance premium. You can install high tech car alarms or low tech steering wheel mechanisms that deter thieves from successfully making off with your vehicle. The anti-theft discounts vary according to the type of theft deterrent you have installed on your vehicle. The more effective the device, the more money you will save on your insurance rates. The state you live in and the location where you store your car can also have some impact on the amount of savings that Nationwide can offer for anti-theft measures for your car.