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Insurance Company Discount Programs - GMAC

GMAC car insurance offers special discounts for drivers who qualify in several categories. There are standard discount you would expect from almost any car insurance company, but there are also specialized discounts you will only find through GMAC.

Loyalty Discount

GMAC offers a special discount for drivers who take advantage of any of the other types of services available through GMAC. You can earn a discount on your car insurance when you use GMAC financing for your vehicle purchase. Using GMAC for a mortgage loan will also earn you a discount on their car insurance rates. GM credit cardholders are eligible for auto insurance discounts as well. Combining your financial needs with the GMAC finance services can save you time and continue to save you money while you are a loyal GMAC customer.

Discounts for OnStar Subscribers

The safety of OnStar provides an invaluable benefit for drivers and their passengers. GMAC auto insurance recognizes that additional safety by offering special discounts for OnStar subscribers. If you subscribe to OnStar, you can earn an immediate 20% discount on your GMAC auto insurance.

Some OnStar subscribers can qualify for more substantial savings, depending on the types of cars they drive. Drivers who limit their mileage can experience a discount of as much as 35% on their normal GMAC auto insurance premiums. OnStar subscribers automatically receive a 10% discount regardless of their driving history or mileage record.

Safe Driver Discounts

Drivers have several options for receiving safe driver discounts through GMAC. You can receive a discount if you successfully complete a defensive driving course in certain states. Subscribing to OnStar also qualifies you for a safe driver discount.

A safe driving history, which means no accidents or traffic violations for three consecutive years, will earn you a discount as well. Anything you can do to reduce your risk of being involved in an accident can be used toward gaining safe driver status with GMAC and earning substantial auto insurance coverage discounts through the company.

Low Mileage Discounts

GMAC only expects drivers to pay for the insurance that they really need. The low mileage discount program takes into consideration the amount of miles you actually drive in a year. They allow you to create an insurance policy tailored to your driving habits. Drivers who only drive an average of 2,500 miles in a year can expect to save more than 50% on their annual insurance rates with GMAC. The unique pay-as-you-go mileage policy provides an opportunity for drivers to pay fluctuating insurance rates depending on the amount of driving they do each month. These mileage discounts are only available for OnStar subscribers.

Specials for GM Family Members

GMAC offers special discounts for GM family members. Anyone who is an active GM employee or a retired GM employee can qualify for these special insurance discounts. Family members of GM employees are also allowed to utilize the discounts when they purchase car insurance through GMAC.

Discounts extend to parents, siblings, children, and even grandparents of the employees. The GM family discounts are offered to anyone who can prove an affiliation with the GM family of employees. Family members also receive discounts on other GM services, like auto financing.

GM Suppliers

Businesses that provide services to GM can also receive auto insurance discounts. These businesses range from glass manufacturers to safety seal producers. It is surprising the number of employees that qualify for a GM supplier's auto insurance discount. Anyone who applies for GMAC insurance should check to see if they are on the list of approved GM suppliers and would qualify for a discount.

It is common for GMAC customers to be unaware of their employers' involvement in working with the GM supply chain in some way. The auto insurance discounts available to GM suppliers are worth the extra research into your company's status.

Built-in Savings

GMAC also offers what they call built-in savings. These discounts are for general things that make your car safer for the road. You can earn a built-in discount for equipping your car with anti-lock brakes or driver and passenger airbags. These devices help keep the risk of injury lower during a collision.

Anti-theft devices can also earn you built-in discounts. Steering wheel locks or electronic alarms will make your car a less enticing target for a thief, which means that you will be less likely to file a theft or vandalism claim through GMAC. The insurance company through premium discounts recognizes that reduced risk.