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Insurance Company Discount Programs - American Family

American Family auto insurance company offers several different kinds of discounts for customers who demonstrate a desire to reduce their risk of being involved in an accident.

Increase Your Car's Safety

All automobiles that are manufactured in the United States today are equipped with seat belts and safety glass as standard equipment. American Family auto insurance is willing to offer discounts for drivers who go to the trouble of having additional safety features installed in their cars. Automobiles that are equipped with factory-installed driver and passenger airbags and anti-lock brakes are eligible for substantial auto insurance discounts. These extra safety features reduce the possibility of a serious injury for you or your passengers, as well as providing you with extra traction when you need to make a quick stop on the road.

Discounts for Academic Excellence

Insurance rates for teenagers and young adults who are attending college can be relatively expensive. One way that American Family helps you reduce the premiums for your school-aged drivers is by offering a discount for students who bring home good grades. As long as the students continue to excel in their courses, you will spend less on car insurance. Students must present photocopies of authentic grade reports in order to continue to receive the car insurance discount for academic excellence. Grades are generally assessed once every year when the insurance policy is renewed.

Safe Driving Saves Money

American Family also rewards drivers who maintain excellent driving records. If you are insured by American Family and make it through three consecutive years without any accidents or injury claims, you will be eligible to receive a discount as a good driver. Drivers who have not been involved in accidents or have not received traffic tickets for several years will also be offered lower premiums to begin with. The good driver discount is in addition to the savings that you will experience as a driver with a good driving record. The longer you go between insurance claims, the less you will pay on an annual basis.

Discounts for Seniors

Seniors age 50 or older are offered a discount due to their experience behind the wheel. American Family considers older drivers to be safer accident risks, which means that they receive better insurance rates. One of the reasons seniors receive a discount is because they tend to drive fewer miles than younger adults do. Being on the road less often means that there are fewer chances to be involved in an accident, which is good for the car owner and the insurance company. Make sure you notify your American Family agent as soon as you turn 50 so that you can begin to take advantage of this discount.

Combine Insurance Accounts

American Family offers more than just automobile insurance. You can purchase home insurance and life insurance through American Family as well. Customers who choose to bundle their insurance needs into special packages will receive a discount on each type of insurance that they carry. You can bundle your home and auto insurance together, or your home and life insurance. Each package provides substantial savings for customers who are willing to take care of all of their insurance needs through the American Family insurance company.

Insure More Than One Vehicle

Customers can also receive discounts on their insurance premiums when they add more than one car to their initial auto insurance policy. Many homes have multiple drivers living in the same household. American Family makes it less expensive for everyone to carry the insurance coverage they need when they bundle all of the cars together in the same insurance package. You can specify different coverage types for the different cars on the policy and still receive a discount for adding multiple cars to your policy. Insuring all of your vehicles through one company makes it easier for you to keep track of your coverage and payments, as well.

Brush Up on Your Driving Skills

Drivers who attend sanctioned defensive driving schools can receive discounts through American Family auto insurance. You can find defensive driving classes by contacting your local tag office or department of motor vehicles. Some public schools also offer classes in the evenings and on weekends. Present your certificate of completion to your American Family agent to receive a discount on your insurance premiums based on your willingness to learn how to be a safer driver. Defensive drivers are involved in far fewer accidents than those who have never taken a driving class. You will be safer on the road and your insurance will cost less if you attend a good driving course.