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Infinity Car Insurance Discount Programs

Infinity Car Insurance company offers a small range of special discounts for customers who qualify. Unlike most car insurance companies, Infinity tailors its business toward non-standard coverage needs. That means that their discount programs are not as extensive as you may find with an average insurance carrier, but they offer more options for individuals who may not be able to find car insurance with a standard insurance company. Although discounts are not the main priority of Infinity, they still offer some nice incentives for drivers with good records or good grades. Older drivers can take advantage of a special discount for successfully completing an approved driving course. Customers can also receive various discounts if they take advantage of the Infinity website to sign up for their car insurance policy.

Good Driver Discounts

Drivers who manage to go for three consecutive years without filing an insurance claim for an accident or traffic ticket can expect to receive a nice discount through Infinity Car Insurance. The discount only applies if you do not post any accidents or moving violations during this time period. Theft or other types of vehicle damage will not be counted toward your driving record, so they will not keep you from receiving a good driver discount.

Good Student Discounts

Drivers between the ages of 16 and 25 can earn a discount by being good students. If you earn a B average in high school or college courses each semester, Infinity will give you a discount on your car insurance rates. Being a good student is usually an indication that you are a responsible individual in general. That extra level of responsibility tends to extend to driving habits as well as study habits. Maintaining a B average indicates that you are responsible enough to avoid reckless driving behaviors that could lead to accidents or injuries behind the wheel.

Mature Improvement Course Discount

If you are a senior citizen, you could qualify for a discount that was created specifically with your safety in mind. As drivers get older, they tend to settle into bad habits without realizing it. Infinity offers a special discount for seniors who are willing to take a driving course to refresh their driving skills and learn about any new technologies or traffic laws that may have been enacted since the last time they took a course. In many cases, drivers do not attend any sort of driving school after they receive their original license. The mature improvement course discount is intended to encourage older drivers to attend an updated driving course so that they can improve their safety behind the wheel. Even the best driver can learn new techniques for avoiding situations that may lead to accidents or injuries.

Available Towing Coverage

Though not a discount, the optional towing coverage offered by Infinity could save you quite a bit of money on towing costs if your car breaks down while you are on the road. This coverage is available as a supplemental part of your regular car insurance policy. The cost of towing coverage through Infinity is far less than the cost of hiring a tow truck in an emergency situation. You can stay safely in your vehicle and contact your Infinity agent so that a tow truck will be dispatched to your location without any extra cost on your part.

Rental Reimbursement Options

Another supplemental coverage option is rental car reimbursement coverage. This policy feature would kick in if you ever needed to leave your car at an auto repair shop for an extended period of time. Infinity works with several different car rental agencies to provide you with a safe alternative when your regular car is unavailable for any reason. If you carry rental reimbursement coverage, your car rental costs will be greatly reduced or even erased depending on the length of the rental and the reason you need to rent the car.

Focus on Non-Standard Coverage

Infinity offers several non-standard coverage options for drivers who can have trouble finding standard coverage elsewhere. The company covers individuals who have been convicted of driving under the influence. It also provides a car insurance option for those who have had several accidents or multiple traffic tickets. The cost of non-standard coverage is a little higher than the cost of standard insurance because these drivers present a higher risk. Infinity also offers non-standard coverage for vehicles that are uncommon. Vintage cars can be difficult to insure because it can be a challenge to assign an appropriate value for them.