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Horace Mann Auto Insurance Discount Programs

Horace Mann Auto Insurance Company offers discounts geared toward educators. Teachers can qualify for several discounts that help keep insurance costs down. Educators started Horace Mann, designed to meet their unique needs on every level, from teachers to office administrators. The families of educators can also take advantage of many of the deep discounts offered through Horace Mann.

Multiple Insurance Policies

Horace Mann offers many different types of insurance coverage aside from the car insurance program. If you choose Horace Mann for your home insurance or life insurance needs, you will receive a discount on your car insurance policy too. Extra discounts are possible for individuals who choose to purchase three or more types of policies through Horace Mann, which can help keep all of your insurance costs down across the board. This discount is only available to qualified educators who carry multiple lines of business with Horace Mann Insurance.

Career Discounts for Educators

You could qualify for a car insurance discount simply by working as an educator. Teachers, principles, and administrators are all eligible for this type of discount. Educators who go to the extra effort of becoming members of the National Education Association can qualify for even more discounts through Horace Mann. NEA membership proves that you are actively working to improve the quality of education in the United States, and Horace Mann is happy to offer additional car insurance discounts in support of your career dedication.

Academic Discounts for Students

Students who are under the age of 25 and attending high school or college full time, or have recently graduated from high school or college, may be eligible for a student discount with Horace Mann. To qualify, the student must maintain at least a B average each semester. Students ranked in the top 20 of their class or who make the Dean's List and Honor Roll may also qualify for this discount. Students must present proof of grades to their Horace Mann agent after each semester. If grades fall below the required level, the discount can be reinstated when the grades qualify during the next semester of classes. Students do not need to live with their parents in order to receive this discount.

Direct Payroll Payment Discounts

You can qualify for a discount on your auto insurance if you choose to have your insurance premium payments deducted directly from your payroll account. Direct deductions reduce the amount of administrative support that is necessary on the part of the insurance company, which allows Horace Mann to offer that savings to their customers. The payroll discount is available for any driver, regardless of their place of employment. It is easy to establish the payroll deduction process with your Horace Mann agent and your employer. The deductions allow you to feel confident that your premium is being paid in full and on time without any extra effort on your part. You have the opportunity to begin the service or end it at any time while you are covered by Horace Mann.

Educator Advantage Program

Teachers, principles, and other education administrators can take advantage of this program for multiple forms of savings. You can purchase extra roadside service coverage for a low price. Comprehensive deductibles are also much lower on the Educator Advantage Program. You will qualify for repair or replacement of your car after an accident if you have owned your car for one year or less, or the car has fewer than 40,000 miles on it. Educators who use this program are also covered while they transport students in their personal vehicles for school activities. The Educator Advantage Program is not available in every state, and discounts can vary depending on the local insurance regulations. Horace Mann has created similar programs in states that limit some of the discounts available. Talk to a Horace Mann agent for details about your state.

Credit Union Membership Discounts

Educators who are also members of local credit unions can receive a special discount on their car insurance through Horace Mann. Credit union memberships can include savings accounts, loans, or checking accounts with local credit unions. Since educators usually receive excellent rates through industry related credit unions already, this credit union discount on car insurance through Horace Mann can be an additional way to keep your monthly costs down overall. Purchasing your home, life, property or annuity insurance through Horace Mann as well as your auto insurance could cut your budget substantially every month.