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Foremost Auto Insurance Discounts

Foremost Auto Insurance, formerly Bristol West Auto Insurance, is owned by the Farmer's Insurance Company. Foremost is only available for customers who need car insurance in the states of Florida, Connecticut, Kentucky, Georgia, Maine, Louisiana, Mississippi, Maryland, New York, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania. Foremost provides several different types of discounts for customers who qualify.

Foremost also allows you to save money on your car insurance by choosing higher deductibles. When you sign up for a higher deductible up front, your annual premiums will be less expensive than if you sign up for a lower deductible. Since you only have to pay your deductible if you need to file a claim, safe drivers have better odds of saving money on insurance using this tactic.

Paid in Full Discount

Drivers who pay the full amount of their bills each year will receive a special discount through Foremost Auto Insurance. Paying your bill once a year reduces the amount of paperwork necessary for the insurance company to bill you every month. A one-time payment also eliminates the need for the insurance company to charge you interest the premium owed. You can rest assured that your coverage remains in place all year without any time lags for slow mailings or other problems that can lead to coverage gaps.

Multi-Policy Discount

You could receive a discount if you own another type of insurance policy through Foremost, Zurich, or Farmer's Insurance companies. All of these companies fall under Farmer's Insurance Group, so they can all help you qualify for a multi-policy discount on your auto insurance. There are many types of insurance coverage available from these companies, including homeowner's insurance and life insurance. The amount of discount you receive from a multi-policy discount depends on what state you live in and which types of insurance policies you own.

Valid E-Mail Account

This discount is unique to Foremost, and almost every auto insurance customer should be able to qualify. All you have to do is provide Foremost with a valid e-mail address and you will receive a discount on your car insurance. The e-mail can be through a paid account or through a free online e-mail service. The only requirement is that Foremost can contact you through the e-mail account when the company needs to communicate with you. E-mail is faster and less expensive for the insurance company, and it is a more efficient way to keep track of your car insurance information online. Foremost will send you a test e-mail to make sure the address is valid, and then apply the discount to your account.

Electronic Funds Transfer Discount

The same way that an e-mail account can save Foremost time and money, an electronic funds transfer is also less expensive for the insurance company. Since Foremost benefits from this kind of service, they can offer a discount to customers who are willing to pay their bills through electronic funds transfers rather than regular mail. Electronic funds transfers are safer than traditional mailed payments because there is less chance that someone will intercept your payment before it reaches the insurance company. It is also easier to make payments on time because you have more control over the date the payments are sent and received.

College Student Away From Home

If you are the parent of a college student who lives away from home most of the year, you could qualify for a discount through Foremost Auto Insurance. When no student is living in your home during the semester, there is little chance the student will be driving your vehicle. This reduces the risk of your vehicle being involved in an accident, which means you are less likely to file a claim during the school year. You can earn this discount even if your student lives on campus in a nearby city.

Multi-Car Discount

A family that owns more than one vehicle and lives in the same location can qualify for a multi-car discount if they use Foremost insurance for multiple cars. To qualify for this discount, you must be related through marriage or by blood, and the car owners must list the same address as the primary residence. Generally, spouses and families use this discount when each family member owns a car and still lives at home.