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Esurance Insurance Company Discounts

Esurance offers discounts for drivers who qualify in several different areas. You can save money by being a good driver, paying your full balance annually, or insuring more than one car. You can also save on your insurance through some of the more unique programs offered by Esurance.

Discounts for Single Parents

The Esurance system is organized to make it easier for single parents to research their car insurance options and sign up for the right coverage quickly through their online portal. Single parents do not receive a specific discount, but they do qualify for many of the discounts offered by Esurance. If you are a single parent, you may qualify for a discount if you own your home or if you insure multiple vehicles. You can also save on your premium if you have a child under the age of 25 who maintains at least a B average in high school or college.

Senior Discounts

Drivers who are 75 or older have the highest risk for being involved in a daytime accident. Esurance encourages drivers in this age group to maintain their sharp driving skills by offering discounts to older drivers who can prove they are taking steps to stay safe on the road. Drivers who complete safe driving courses can earn a discount on their insurance rates if they live in a state that allows these types of discounts. The Esurance online quote system will provide you with detailed information about your eligibility for this discount based on the state you live in.

Occupational Discounts

California drivers can earn a discount on their car insurance if they work in specific fields. Nurses, educators, and people who work in the natural sciences all qualify for premium discounts through Esurance. You can earn this discount if you are married to someone who works in one of the eligible positions, as well. Once you purchase your insurance policy, you will be asked for documentation to prove your employment status. Esurance is working to expand the availability of this discount for a wider range of states and careers.

Discounts for Anti-Theft Equipment

Esurance offers car insurance discounts for drivers who own vehicles that are equipped with anti-theft features. Anything from a steering wheel lock to an electronic tracking service can earn you a substantial discount. Having your car equipped with anti-theft equipment makes it a less desirable target for thieves and vandals. This reduction in your risk of theft or vandalism will save you time, money, and make you eligible for lower insurance rates. Some anti-theft systems can be expensive at first, but they will pay for themselves as you enjoy the discounts and peace of mind that they offer.

Safety Precautions Earn Discounts

Many newer car models come with enhanced safety features as standard equipment. You will qualify automatically for a discount based on the safety rating your vehicle has achieved. If you are not sure what safety features your vehicle carries, you can look for them in your owner's manual. Make sure your insurance agent knows exactly what types of safety features are on your car. Automatic seat belts, driver and passenger air bags, head restraints, and anti-lock brakes are all examples of common safety features that can save you money on your car insurance rates.

Driver Safety Courses

Drivers can earn a discount on their car insurance through Esurance if they successfully complete a certified driver safety course. As technology changes, the way you drive changes as well. New car features like televisions and on-dash GPS systems can make it more challenging to keep your attention on the road. A driver safety refresher course can help you learn new strategies for safe driving. Driving courses are also a good way to brush up on your knowledge of the driving regulations for your city and state. You can look for certified driver training courses in your area through the Esurance website.

Good Student Discounts

Students who are 25 years old or younger and enrolled full time in high school, college, or community college can enjoy discounts on their insurance through Esurance if they can maintain a B average each semester.

Esurance will require that students provide documented proof of their grade each semester in order to continue receiving the good student discount. Students can also receive a discount by earning a passing grade in a certified driver safety course. Each state has different regulations regarding good student discounts. When you receive your Esurance quote, your student discount options will be detailed depending on your location.