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Electric Insurance Company Auto Insurance Discount Programs

Qualified drivers can receive several discounts through Electric Insurance Company. Due to state insurance regulations, the available discounts can vary from state to state. Drivers can qualify for more than one discount at a time.

Organizational Discounts

Electric Insurance Company offers special discounts to drivers employed by General Electric. GE employees can also take advantage of the automatic payroll deduction plan, which allows them to have their car insurance premium withdrawn from their payroll each month. Members also receive a discount on their car insurance through Electric Insurance Company. Affiliations with other groups, clubs, or employers could qualify you for specific auto insurance discounts. Speak with your Electric Insurance agent for details about affiliate programs in your area.

Vehicle Safety Discounts

Keeping your car safer for passengers and better protected from theft and vandalism will help you keep your insurance costs down at Electric. You can qualify for this discount if you install passive restraint systems in your car, like automatic seat belts. Anti-lock brakes will also get you a discount on your premium. Another opportunity to save involves the installation of anti-theft devices. You can receive a discount for installing protection systems that range from steering wheel locks to electronic alarms. Reducing the possibility of theft or vandalism will help reduce your risk of having to make a claim against your insurance policy, which means that your rates can remain lower.

Low-Mileage Discount

Drivers who only travel a certain number of miles each year can qualify for a low-mileage discount. This discount is great for students who live on a college campus and leave their cars at home during the semester, or individuals who find alternative transportation for most of their travel needs. If you only drive on weekends or tend to make short trips around your neighborhood occasionally, you will probably qualify for the low-mileage discount. Your Electric Insurance Company agent can tell you more about the specific mileage requirements for your particular policy.

Discounts for Driver's Education

Depending on your age, you could qualify for more than one type of discount by completing approved driver's education courses. Electric Insurance Company offers credit for drivers of all ages who complete a standard driving course successfully. Seniors who agree to attend and successfully complete a mature driver accident-prevention course will receive an additional discount. The mature accident prevention course offers good reminders of some of the traffic rules that you may have forgotten after years of driving. The course helps keep mature drivers sharp and provides them with new defensive driving suggestions that could keep them safer behind the wheel.

Good Student Discount

College and high school students under the age of 25 can qualify for the good student discount through Electric Insurance Company. You must maintain at least a 3.0 average during your school semester to continue to qualify for the discount. If you have a rough semester and fall below the minimum average, you will lose the discount for that semester but you may qualify for the discount during subsequent semesters if you manage to bring your grades back up. This discount can help bring down the higher insurance costs that many adolescents and young adults face due to their age and lack of driving experience.

Multiple Policy Discount

Electric Insurance Company offers a special discount for drivers who own auto insurance as well as another type of insurance policy with Electric. You can purchase home insurance, tenant insurance, condominium insurance, and umbrella insurance as well as standard auto insurance through Electric. When you create an insurance package by pairing two or more types of insurance at the same time, you will save money on your auto insurance costs as well as receive a discount on the other types of policies you purchased with Electric.

Accident Forgiveness Discount

Safe drivers always receive better insurance rates than other drivers, but Electric offers another incentive for avoiding accidents. If you go for a certain amount of time without making a claim, your first accident will not increase your insurance costs. Avoiding accidents and traffic tickets after that initial accident can help you qualify for this discount again in the future. Any accident that you have within a specific amount of time after the first accident will cause your rates to increase at the standard level depending on what kind of accident it was and how much the insurance company had to pay out in claims. The best way to keep rates low is to drive safely all the time.