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Eastwood Insurance Company Car Insurance Discounts

Eastwood Insurance Company offers non-standard coverage for individuals who may have a hard time finding car insurance through traditional insurance companies. Eastwood does not offer a large number of discounts, but they do provide lower rates for high-risk drivers than other insurance companies can offer.

The Importance of Carrying Coverage

When something happens to make your insurance rates increase dramatically, it can be tempting to stop carrying car insurance altogether. While that tactic might save you some money in the short term, it could cost you far more than a few dollars in the end. Being caught without car insurance can cause your car to be impounded and you could lose your license. At the very least, it is impossible to renew your tags every year without proof of valid car insurance.

Non-Standard Coverage

The purpose of Eastwood Car Insurance Company is to provide the legal insurance that everyone needs in order to continue to drive a car. Eastwood doesn't offer as many perks and specials as standard car insurance companies so that it can provide a more affordable option for drivers who would be expected to pay incredibly high rates elsewhere. The immediate discount of choosing Eastwood as a non-standard insurance option is that your rates will be lower for the minimum liability coverage than they would be through a standard company. The goal is to keep you insured so that you can stay on the road legally.

Coverage for High Risk Drivers

High-risk drivers fall into several different categories. A driver may be considered high risk if he or she has experienced a gap between policies. Younger drivers with very little experience are generally deemed high risk. Drivers who have had multiple accidents that were declared their fault are in the high-risk category as well. Moving violations can add up quickly to put you in a high-risk category. If you have been convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a non-standard insurance policy may be the only kind you can afford.

Discounts for Safe Drivers Courses

Although Eastwood does not offer many discounts, it does provide a discount for drivers who successfully complete a safe driving course. Accredited safe driving courses and defensive driving courses can offset the points that have been placed against your driving record due to a traffic ticket or an accident. The fewer points your record has, the less you will pay for car insurance. Check with your Eastwood agent to find out about accredited courses that would qualify for this discount. Your local DMV should be able to provide you with a list of good courses as well.

The Age of Policyholders

Your age plays a large part in your car insurance costs. Younger drivers are particularly susceptible to higher insurance rates. Senior citizens may also face higher insurance rates because accident reports show that this demographic is involved in a higher number of accidents each year. You can offset those higher rates due to age by purchasing a liability policy through Eastwood. Since Eastwood focuses primarily on high-risk drivers, they can offer lower rates than most other insurance companies for the legal minimum insurance can. A safe driver course will benefit younger and older drivers who fall into this high-risk age categories.

Strictly Minimum Legal Requirements

Eastwood is designed to offer the legal minimum liability insurance to the majority of its customers. It is possible to purchase other forms of coverage through Eastwood if you would like additional insurance. You can buy a full comprehensive policy or supplemental insurance to go along with your minimum coverage. The cost of premiums with extra insurance coverage will be higher, however, since Eastwood's focus is on serving customers who fall into high risk insurance categories. Talk with your Eastwood agent about different types of insurance coverage you can purchase and how much each type will raise your rates overall.

Flexible Payment Plans

Eastwood will work with you to make sure your insurance premiums fit into your regular budget. You can pay for your insurance through Eastwood in an annual lump sum, or choose to pay the insurance premium out over a matter of months. The annual lump sum option is less expensive because it reduces the amount of administrative costs that you will pay for the monthly service. It can be difficult to come up with the full amount all at once, though, so Eastwood has made it possible for you to choose a monthly option if you prefer.