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EMC Insurance Company Auto Insurance Discount Programs

Multiple Policy Discounts

Drivers who insure both their home and their auto with EMC will receive a special discount on their annual premiums. Combining your policies makes it easier for you to keep track of payments because you receive all of your information from the same company. It also makes correspondence and other administrative aspects of keeping your policy less expensive for EMC because all of your information is the same for both types of policy. Homeowners typically pay less for car insurance because they are regarded as more financially stable. Including your home insurance through EMC allows you to save even more.

Multiple Vehicle Discounts

Many households support more than one vehicle these days. EMC offers a discount for drivers who insure more than one vehicle on the same car insurance policy. Qualifying vehicles must be owned by drivers who live at the same primary residence. Owners must be related by blood or through marriage to receive this discount. The discount is ideal for spouses who each drive separate cars, or for older children who still live at home and need to insure their cars. Using the same policy is a convenient way to keep track of all of the car insurance for everyone in the home.

EMC Bonus Renewal Plan

This discount is only available to drivers who remain insured through EMC for three consecutive years. When you qualify, you will have the option to waive the surcharges after your first accident as an EMC customer. The longer you remain a customer without any accidents, the longer you will qualify for this discount. The discount does not apply to any possible rate hikes that might occur after an accident. It merely covers the surcharges that apply when the insurance company processes your claim and makes any necessary payments to cover damages or injuries.

Discounts for Remaining Accident Free

When you maintain a good driving record, you can qualify for a discount as an accident free driver. This discount applied to drivers who remain accident free for a certain amount of time while covered through EMC. If you should be involved in an at fault accident, you will no longer qualify for the accident free discount. Accidents that are not your fault do not have a negative impact on your standing in regards to this special discount. Your EMC agent can give you more details about qualifying periods.

Auto Safety Equipment Discounts

EMC rewards drivers who opt to install equipment that makes their cars safer and less susceptible to vandalism or theft. You can earn a discount for installing anti-lock brakes or passive restraint systems on your vehicle. Many modern cars are already equipped with these safety devices, so you could automatically qualify for this discount simply by owning the right kind of car. Anti-theft devices can also earn you a discount. Keeping your car safe by installing a simple steering wheel lock or an electronic alarm system will help reduce the odds that your car will be stolen or vandalized, which can keep your insurance costs down.

Good Student Discount

Students who maintain a B average or better can qualify for a discount on their auto insurance through EMC. This discount is available for students attending high school or college who are 25 years old or younger. It may not be available in every state, so check with your EMC agent to make sure that your state allows these discounts. Once you qualify, you will continue to receive the discount as long as your grade point average remains at 3.0 or higher. You will have to provide grade updates with your agent at the end of each school term.

Defensive Driving Classes

Attending a defensive driving class can provide you with practical techniques for avoiding accidents. Learning how to drive defensively increases your safety on the road, which can keep your insurance rates lower overall. EMC recognizes the benefits of these classes by offering a special discount for drivers who attend defensive driving courses and successfully pass them. EMC could require that you to attend specific classes approved for receiving the discount. This discount is not available in all states. Ask your EMC agent about your options if you are interested in qualifying for a defensive driving class discount.