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Atlantic Mutual Auto Insurance

Atlantic Mutual Auto Insurance Company offers several different discounts to help keep your car insurance premiums lower. The discounts apply depending on a driver's qualifications in specific areas.

Multiple Car Discount

If you live in a household with one or more driver, there is a good chance that your household is home to one or more vehicles. When you sign up for multiple policies with Atlantic Mutual, you will receive a discount on your car insurance premiums. The only stipulations are that each vehicle owner must live in the same home and be related either by blood or by marriage. Spouses, children, and even distant relatives living together can all take advantage of this discount. Each participating driver will receive a separate discount on his or her Atlantic Mutual policy.

Vehicle Safety Discount

Keeping your car safer on the road can cut down on your insurance costs as well as reduce your risk of being involved in a serious accident. Atlantic Mutual Auto Insurance offers specific discounts for drivers who have vehicles with anti-lock brakes installed. This unique braking system is available on almost any car manufactured within the last ten years, so most drivers should qualify for this discount. Anti-lock brakes make it easier to stop quickly, which can help you avoid unexpected obstacles so that you have fewer accidents to report for insurance claims.

Accident Free Savings

Safe drivers can expect to pay more for their car insurance in general, but Atlantic Mutual offers even more savings for drivers who avoid accidents. If a driver can maintain a clean driving record for a specific amount of time, he or she will qualify for this special discount.

Accidents that are not your fault do not count against you when the insurance company applies this discount. The only accidents that would disqualify you from the accident free discount would be those in which you were cited as being at fault. If you do not need to file a claim with Atlantic Mutual, you are not at fault.

Non-Owned Vehicle Damage Coverage

All Atlantic Mutual policies come with special non-owned vehicle damage coverage. This means that if you are driving a car that belongs to someone else and you are involved in an accident, Atlantic Mutual will help cover the costs of repairs. The other driver's insurance will still be responsible for the majority of the costs, but your non-owned vehicle policy will protect you from any costs that might exceed the owner's coverage. Non-owned vehicle damage coverage also extends to any rental cars that you may drive while you are an Atlantic Mutual customer.

Separate Driver Ratings

Atlantic Mutual does not determine your car insurance premiums based on the driving records of other people who live in your home. Each driver's insurance costs undergo calculations based solely on his or her driving record and demographics. Having a spouse or a child with a poor driving record will not cause your rates to increase with Atlantic Mutual. You may be required to agree that you are the exclusive driver of the car that you are having covered, however. In multiple vehicle coverage situations, the owner of each vehicle is the one whose record will determine the rates charged.

Agreed Value on all Policies

When you establish a car insurance policy with Atlantic Mutual, your car's value will be established immediately. This value will not change as the car ages. If you are in an accident and the car is destroyed, you will receive reimbursement for the original value that was assigned to your car. Other insurance companies might begin depreciating a vehicle as soon as the policy is signed. Atlantic Mutual offers the fair market value for the car based on the value that you and your agent assigned to your car when the policy was initially created. The car's value may be adjusted each year as you renew your policy.

Original Equipment Repairs

Atlantic Mutual requires that all vehicles be repaired with original equipment from the manufacturer. Original equipment repairs tend to be more reliable because the equipment was designed by the same company that built the car in the first place. There is no extra charge for this repair requirement since it is one way that Atlantic Mutual can help reduce your risk of further damage to your car, which reduces your potential for needing to file another claim in the near future. Original equipment can keep the car safer in the long run.