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Car Insurance Quotes Comparison lets you compare car insurance rates from major insurance companies like Nationwide, AIG, NetQuote, Esurance, Progessive and AllState in one convenient place. Our custom software makes it easy to get quotes from the biggest names in car insurance without wasting time on hold, waiting for a customer service representative to answer your phone call. Now you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, through our insurance comparison site.

You'll be sure to get the best price because we are always expanding our insurance company network, staying up to date with the latest pricing and the lowest rates. Start saving now by simply entering your zip code and clicking "GO." You'll get comparison quotes from all the major insurance providers in just minutes. Not only is it fast and easy, but you could save hundreds of dollars.

Why Get Multiple Car Insurance Quotes?
Everyone knows that the best way to save money is to stop around. Even if you already have a good deal on your car insurance, you never know how much you can save until you look. We make it painless to get quotes from reputable insurance companies that provide coverage where you live. Every insurance company has its own pricing structure, plus their rates can change from month to month. That makes it important to check back often and get the latest and cheapest car insurance quotes.

The Information You Need does more than help you find affordable car insurance. We are dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to make smart choices when it comes to car insurance. You'll find informative articles, answers to your questions about auto insurance and more as we continue to update and expand the information we provide.

If you ever have a question about car insurance but don't find the answer on our site, be sure to drop us an email We'll answer your questions in detail and make sure you have the information you need to make an informed choice.

How to Use This Site
To get fast and easy quotes on car insurance, just enter your zip code in the big orange box and click, "GO." We'll guide you to a quick and easy quote. Have your birthday, social security number, car make and model as well as the type of coverage you're looking for handy. Most of the online auto insurance companies will give you a quote within five minutes. Since you have your car and personal information at hand, it makes sense to get quotes from a few of the insurance companies that serve your zip code so you can get the best rate possible. We recommend getting no less than three quotes before going making a decision.

If you have questions about car insurance, look through our Car Insurance FAQ. We'll answer common questions like, "Do I really need car insurance?" and "Can I get a quote any time of day? What are your hours?" If the question you have is not there, be sure to email us so we can add your question to the list.

Those who are moving and have concerns about insurance laws in another state can find information to help make the transition easier. You'll find information about insurance regulations in each state, special rules you should know about and state laws related to driving a car. You'll also find the best car insurance rates. Some areas have as many as 15 car insurance companies to choose from!

Getting the Cheapest Auto Insurance
There are many factors that come into play for car insurance rates. If you're just looking for a basic policy to cover your legal liability for an at-fault accident, you'll get the best rates. The amount you pay will depend on many factors like the type of car you own, how old the car is and your driving record. Other important factors include where you live, how many miles you drive and how often.

If you need insurance to cover more than just the basics, you'll still find the best rates at Whether you want to add Collision, Theft or Injury coverage, you can be assured a good quote when you shop around.

Insuring Your Transportation Investment
Many of our partners even carry GAP insurance to cover the difference between the purchase price of a new or leased car and the actual cash value. Because new cars lose value as soon as you drive them away from the dealership, you could lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you have an accident. The standard car insurance policy only covers the cost to replace your car with a similarly depreciated one. The difference between the purchase price and the depreciated value could come out of your pocket if there is a total loss accident.

While you can get Gap insurance from the car dealership, the policies are often pricey, relying on consumer impulse to sell the insurance. That's why getting a quote on GAP insurance from an auto insurance company is a smart move. While not all car insurance companies carry GAP insurance, companies like GMAC Insurance, AIG, and Nationwide do sell the coverage.

How to Choose the Right Car Insurance Company
Some of the insurance companies we partner with have very competitive rates. You may get two quotes within dollars of each other. When this happens, you'll need to look into both companies to choose the one that has the best financial rating and offers the best customer service.

You can check an insurance company's financial stability through AM Best ratings. A good rating means you can be sure the company will still be around to pay a claim if an accident happens.

Customer service is important to minimize billing problems and make sure any claims you file go smoothly. Check out what others have to say about the service they received from a company before you sign up